Monday, July 2, 2007

What's the deal....GOODBYE JUNE!

So apparently June was the month of illness (and rain) for the Halford family! It started with the hand, foot and mouth virus, followed by crippling sinus infections and then ending up this past weekend with stomach virus! UUUGGGHHH. I haven't been this sick in years!

Friday we headed over to Nana & Papa's house for some dinner and a little swim time. Of course, that was cut short because as Ryan says, we live in Seattle now and it is apparently going to rain everyday this summer! We had asked Gary & Martha to watch the kids Saturday morning so that we could go see a sneak preview of Transformers with Ryan's work. They offered for the kids just to spend the night since they were going to be falling asleep over there after dinner anyway. So Ryan & I got in the hot tub before leaving their house and heading to Eddie Haskel's with Steve & Heather.

Saturday morning started off great with a sneak preview of Transformers. I admit, I was pretty skeptical about this movie but it ended up being really good. Lots of action mixed in with some funny dialogue by the main character Sam. I think it is PG-13 and I don't think I would recommend it for anyone younger than that as there is some adult content thrown in there as is the norm these days. I think this will be a big hit and we all really enjoyed it.

We headed back for some more swim time which again was interrupted by rain. We came back home and put the kids to bed and then it hit me. Oh...I was NOT feeling well. Ryan went with the neighbors to get fireworks for our big 4th of July extravaganza (more on this to come) and I lost it all if you know what I mean! It was good he wasn't hear to witness it. I finally stopped losing it around 2:30 am and spent Sunday laying around lifeless. Ryan was so great at stepping in and playing Mr. Mom yesterday with the kids. They love him so much and just light up when he comes in the room. Of course his constant rapping and singing to them just makes their day!

Feeling better this morning and neither I nor the children have puked today so we are off to a good start! (Theirs was a short lived episode thank goodness!)

So now we have to re coop and get ready for our big 4th event (which we throw on the 3rd). This is our 3rd annual event and every year it gets bigger and bigger. I think we had 50+ people at our fireworks show last year. Let's just say our show consists of mounted fireworks, propane lighters and over $500 worth of explosives. We outdid the Bella Vista show last year! As you can see, we don't mess around. Look for more to come on this this week with lots of pics.

Hopefully we will all keep feeling better as the day goes along!


TDavis said...
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TDavis said...

That deleted comment was me...I typed out a long comment and screwed up posting it so it was only half. ANYWAY, it's a good thing we don't live closer b/c Greg is a total pyro. He and Ryan could be dangerous together. Greg's company does a HUGE fireworks show every 4th...he just spent two grand on fireworks and that was with a 30% discount b/c they know the owners of the stand. Greg and another guy from work do the show and they actually overhauled a pontoon boat to make a platform for shooting the's called the S.S. Kaboom. Hilarious! Oh well, if we become widows b/c our husbands blow themselves to bits, we'll take the kids and move to the beach with the life insurance! :)