Friday, June 29, 2007

Still Our Champ!

If you followed George's blog yesterday, you probably noticed a little after 2pm the updates stopped coming. Ryan & I figured that with all the excitement at ACH and then on to Memphis (where if you have driven from LR to Memphis you know that those truck stops most likely think that Wi-Fi is a fishing lure) that there wasn't any time or means to update the blog. So we kept checking back that in hopes of the arrival in Memphis they might have time to update the blog.

Then the phone rang around 9:30pm...

It was my mom calling to let me know that George was in the ER at ACH. Not what I was expecting to hear. It seems the dreaded Arkansas heat & humidity had taken over during to ride to LR. Thankfully, Geo did make it to ACH and was able to ride in for all the kids to see but from there, things began to take turn for the worse.

Here is a message this morning from Geo's blog, in his own words...

Sorry friends , to me it's a long awaited book but the last chapter is an aww crap!

We didn't make it to the river. In fact we didn't make it after the presentation at ACH. Yep, I'm disappointed but it's not a pity party. We did what we set out to do and that was raise awareness and funds for the kids who need hearing aids and Audiology services.

Here what happened:We made it ACH and if it weren't for the great team I had with me, I wouldn't have made it there. I will never be able to repay you for your kindness.

After the presentation I went over to the fitness center and sat for a little bit and thought if I took a cold shower that would kick start my system and make me feel like I was just starting. I was getting really zoned out. I spoke with my coach a moment and the plan was to shower, get an IV of fluids and then see how it played out. Many endurance folks go this route so I was willing to try it. Things seemed to be going down hill fast. The next thing I know I'm waking up in ACH ER, it's 10:30 and they've already pumped in 2 bags of fluids and started on the third. What I heard was something about muscle tissue breakdown, kidneys and heart rate high.

We finally walked in to the house after midnight and I hugged the girls and told them I loved them and went to bed. I woke a few moments ago and noticed it was daylight. I stood at my kitchen window admiring the beautiful spotted pink clouds and wondered what it looked like on the Mississippi River?

I do have some really good memories and I'll get you a play by play this afternoon but right now I need some sleep.

I am sure once Geo has rested, he will update his blog with some great stories and pics for all of us to see.

Until then, George, we are SO proud of you! Your efforts and determination to help out those kids is truly admirable. You made it in our eyes and the most important thing is Memphis or not, you still helped to raise a significant amount of funding for those kids and more importantly awareness of something that is so close to your heart. You are still our family's champ and we could not be more proud of you! Thanks for setting such a high standard and example for all of us to follow.

We love you! Melis, Ryan, KG & EE
ps...In your honor, I am off to spin class!

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Emily Cobb said...

Hey Mel. I tried to call your cell phone last night because dad wanted me to tell you. Thank you for all your support! He is better now but still a little tired! Thank you again! I love you. Kiss those babies for me! :)

Love you!