Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Some funnies I don't want to forget...

The other day we were swimming and bubba started to sing his ABCs.  I got so excited because he has never spontaneously started singing them on his own, yet alone sing them all the way through.  When he was done and I was cheering with pride, Elliot grabs my arms, turns me towards her and proclaims "NO Momma, that's MY song!"

Just today....oh your gonna love this...I found the kids sitting on the toilet together with their feet in the water.  When I asked them what they were doing Elliot tells me that they are "playing hot tub"!

Yesterday Elliot had all her animals lined up and was playing zoo.  She decided to put a stage in front of them out of blankets so she could perform for them.  I hear her announce...."Ladies & Junglemen".  Not sure if this is confusion of vocabulary or if she is smarter then we know!

I've been meaning to write down all the things they are saying now because it is too funny sometimes but as you know I am a HORRIBLE journaler (and blogger lately).  So here are a few so I don't forget them...

Somescream=Sunscreen  (E)
Swimsoup=Swimsuit (E)
Tick, tick, tick, BOOM=??? (K)
Baeball-Baseball (K)
nocone=Snowcone (E&K)
Bunkie=Blankie (K)
Nemanade=Lemonade (K)
Wewie=Leslie (E&K)
Nina=Nana....looks like she is gonna be Nina instead! (E&K)
Kappy or Kafy=Kathy
Papertowl=toilet paper
Who talk?=Who are you talking to on the phone momma and not paying attention to us?

Of course I can't think of more when I actually sit down to write them out.  I will add more as I remember or hear them say it since we talk non-stop all the time now!

Here are some pics for you to catch up on...

Rockin' the new bangs...

Love this pic...
Loves her some sweets!

Love that they are mirroring each other here.
Nothing better than wet, grassy, summer feet

Playing in the sprinkler

She posed on her own for this!
Showing me her sad face.

I promise I did not stage these....all her!
1st slip-n-slide experience

Finally found something that matched!
I have this exact picture of me when I was little.
Best buds....usually
She loves the doggie ears.

Be back soon with pics from the 4th of July!