Saturday, July 21, 2007

9 Month Update

Ryan is home....HALLELUJAH!!! In the time he was gone, the kids and I dealt with a flat tire, having to buy two new ones and the air conditioning going out. Two weeks alone with two toddlers is exhausting! I have a new appreciation for single mothers....and more so, single mothers with multiples! If you are one of them, I applaud you!

Luckily, I am blessed with some pretty easy kids so I made it just fine but hope Ryan doesn't have to go to the Orient much more! The kids just lit up when they saw him on Thursday morning! It was so sweet and just about brought tears to his eyes. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful, supportive husband who beyond all of that is an amazing father and adores his children!

Ok, enough sappiness....

Monday, the 16th, was my birthday and since Ryan was gone my neighbor Leslie and her kids came to the pool and helped me celebrate. Probably 9 out of 10 birthdays of my childhood were pool parties at my Aunt Donna & Uncle Alan's pool. (Yes, the other party was probably at McDonalds with that cool tour of the freezer!) I feel sorry for people with winter birthdays who don't get to have pool parties! My kids took a good 2 hour nap so I got to play with the older kids trying to teach the boys, Chandler & Chase, how to dive. They are getting to be such brave little swimmers! They surprised me with a card and a birthday cake which we devoured after all that swimming!

Also, Elliot cut her 1st tooth on my birthday! It was a great day!

So to catch up, Thursday was our 9 month check up. (They loved the paper on the table!)

Elliot is 14lbs 12oz and 25 1/2in long.

Keaton is 15lbs 10oz and is 26in long.
(Yes, still spitting up!)

It's getting near impossible to get them to look at the camera at the same time!

Both kids have fallen below the 5% in weight and height but still 25% in head circumference. Guess that just means they have good brains! So we have been instructed to add either butter or heavy whipping cream to everything they eat. They are now able to eat any table food they want and the more whole fat cheese the better...what a diet! Apparently more fat is needed before age 2 for brain and neurovascular development. She said that she knew they would never be big kids but she would atleast like them between the 5th & 10th percentile. So far the kids have had pancakes, cheese, blueberry muffins, yogurt and a little sip of Starbucks (which they loved! They definitely have some Cobb blood in them!)

Other than that, their development is right on track and they do not track a month behind like most preemies do. My little overachievers! They are pulling up, crawling, chattering, cruising around furniture and trying to walk. It is about to get crazy folks!

Now that we're caught up, hopefully I can get back to blogging funny day to day stories! Thanks for indulging me as I catch my family up on what has been happening these last few days.

Quick video...the kids have really started enjoying each other and Elliot thinks Keaton is so funny, especially when he tries to take her toys! Her is a video of that along with our first bruise caused by Elliot whacking Keaton on the head with the toy that someone ends up crying every time we play with it...but they love that little $.88 toy!

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Ashhog said...

Hi! I am Amanda's cousin. I am due with twins in december. Yours are just adorable!

Anonymous said...
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Amber White Robertson said...

The twins are precious! I wish we could all have their new diet and not have to worry about putting on the pounds. Glad things are going well.

Amy Mc. said...

I love the pictures. They look like they have so much fun together. I am glad that Ryan is back from China. I gained a huge appreciation for single mothers while Wes was working long hours during busy season. Kuddos to you for doing it with two. Talk to you soon.

Leslie said...

What sweeties! I just crack up when I hear them. Do you think they would like avocados? Someone told me to try this when mine are able to eat.
Enjoyed your post!