Sunday, January 31, 2010

365/22,23,24 & 25

365 from this past snowy weekend. We ended up with an inch+ of ice followed by 8ish inches of snow. We have had a blast playing and sledding down the awesome hills in our neighborhood. I took tons of pics so I will try to post more tomorrow for the fam to see. Wish yall were here to sled with us!

Iphone pic of the beginning on Thurs night


Our old school sled...LOVE IT. Thanks Aunt Barbie!
When you have multiples you have to multiply everything you do times 2 (or 3 or 4).
The kids of course had to have their own snowmen. BTW...dum dum suckers for the eyes works great!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I love my Best chair!

Elliot does too. (More to come of the impromptu photo shoot yesterday.)

If you are expecting you must get a Best chair! You will love it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The end of another great bible study. I love my bible study girls! Can't wait to see what God has in store for us next!

Monday, January 25, 2010

365/17, 18 & 19

The kids sit on the end of our bed and watch cartoons every night. Keaton has been obsessed lately with his Batman shirt but had never actually watched Batman before. Well, we found it this night and they both were glued to the tv.
Then when the show losses their interest, they start tackling again.

Sunday was Papa's birthday so the kids helped me make a 3tier lemon cake from scratch!

This is the lemon filling that is to die for!

The finished product.
We also had his (and my) favorite...fried okra!

Keaton rediscovered his Cardinal hat today. How precious is he in a ballcap?

On just a blog note, I wanted to share my conversation with Elliot today
E: "Moooom, I was watching Sponge Bob downstairs."
M: "Does Momma like you watching Sponge Bob?"
E: "No, but Jesus said I could watch it!"

I am so in trouble with that one! I love her spunk but her mouth is going to get her in trouble. Wonder where she gets that?

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Keaton's new art...He brought me this last night and said "Look mom, my alligator. ROAR!"

Then he brought me this and said "Look Momma, it's Teton (Keaton)".

I'd say this isn't half bad for a three year old!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


So these were technically taken yesterday but I am sharing them as day 15! We had an impromptu photo shoot yesterday with the neighborhood kids. (What do you expect when you have two photographers in one cul-de-sac!) I also was getting to play with an 85mm lens. We have some dang cute kids around here! Of course today it was raining and freezing again. Hopefully we can get back out tomorrow. Come on Spring, hurry up!

This girl LOVES to swing!

The Elliot we all know and love.

Not sure what was going on here...

Chandler that hair! gorgeous!

Our beautiful Cameron

Keaton's twin

I know....CUTIE!

The boys...aka Keaton's idols!

Love this in b/w too!

My younger boyfriend. Grayer is the cutest thing ever!

Look at those curls!

The girls. So beautiful!

Watch for some of these popping up on my website possibly. I will also post them on facebook where they should look a little better. I hate how blogger distorts my pictures. Project #1025. Any other blog suggestions? Wordpress?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

365/12, 13 & 14

Behind blogging photos but I have still been taking pictures everyday! Here are some for the 1st of this week.
A rare site in our house...clean floors! (the kids were in school)

Change of season...yes those are dead mums I have yet to cut back!

This is "the tree" for our neighborhood. In the summer at any given time there will be as many kids as those branches can hold. I love that our neighborhood has a climbing tree like we did growing up. (for Northside folks...the old Magnolia!)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

365/9, 10 & 11

This was Friday night. K was playing waterslide on Ryan's iphone. If you don't have one....greatest babysitter ever!

I love pictures of feet and hands, especially of newborn babies. I use to take a ton when the kids were little but hadn't taken any of their feet in a long time. Wanted to capture their little feet as long as they are little. And yes, they are playing with our iphones.

Sunday night we started back up Community Groups. We made the dinner tonight and for dessert I made my mom's infamous fudge pie. This with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream....YUM. Guess I need to hit the bike in the morning!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


So tonight after a long day of editing and getting orders in, I grabbed my camera and thought I wanted to snap some shots of the kids in the tub. Yes I know my kids are always naked or in the undies but I hadn't taken bathtime pics in a while. I was curious to see how they would play having a camera right there with them. Believe or not I somehow captured these two new favs! Man, these kids are cuties! I just love them to pieces! I cannot believe how big they are getting and I am really trying to capture these last years of babiness.

On the camera geek side, I used two different presets to capture these looks. It always amazes me how presets are different with every photo that you take. The first pic is a preset I have been wanting to use forever but it always made my pictures too green (ironically it is named 7-up). I never thought I would like it and then tried it tonight and walla....I love it! I love the post production side when I can take time and feel creative. Research online...I think you will be surprised what all great actions and presets you can find out there for FREE!

Now, on to the pics for today. I couldn't decide so you're getting two tonight!

ISO 640 28mm (I covet this lens...thx Allison for letting me play!) f/3.5 1/60sec

ISO 640 28mm (YUM!) f/4.0 1/60sec

*Note from yesterday's pic. I forgot to mention that to get that shot they put me on a lift 19ft in the air! It was crazy!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well, here it first night photo shoot. When I arrived the electric company was doing some maintenance and the front, interior and parking lot were PITCH BLACK! Luckily they finished up so we could turn the red lights on. We'll see how it turns out in print but for now I am happy with it.

*This is also a special picture to have because this is where I spent 4 long years of fertility treatments as well as where the kids were born!

ISO 320 28mm f/10 13sec.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I was approached yesterday to do two things I have never done since I began photographing for more than just fun. 1. Shoot a window display (with live models) and 2. Shoot a local hospital at night. Oh yeah, and both will be in a local magazine (Citiscapes) next month! Of course I said yes and then realized I am going to be winging it!

Luckily the store ad today went great. WOW it is so much different shooting a bunch of adults that hold still than a bunch of kids! After feeling pretty good about that shoot I realized...oh crap, I have never shot at night before. What am I going to do???

God blessed me with some bad lighting tonight and the shoot was postponed until tomorrow night. So after dinner I hopped in the car and drove around looking for something to shoot. I ended up at St. Stephen's and took this photo. Thankfully after I couldn't get my first lens to even fire, I switched to my 50mm and propped it up on the dash and ended up with not a horrible pic. Who knows what will happen tomorrow night since they will have Willow Creek lit up like the 4th of July. Hopefully I can post a pic for you in the next few nights.

I now own a tripod.

*I am added some photo geek stats above the picture tonight for those of you that are interested. I know I LOVE when others do this!

ISO 200 50mm f/10 1.0sec

Monday, January 11, 2010


This was taken by my iphone, above & behind my back!

Keaton crawled up in my lap today and we had some sweet one on one time. It was just precious so I had to capture it from my point of view and the iphone was all I had. We ended up watching three cardinals come up on our deck and eat some bread we threw out before the snow storm. Unfortunately it began to snow and covered the bread before the birds could realize they are just now discovering it after 10 days. I swear I think this snow will never melt! (Sorry fam back home. I know you would kill for even some flurries right now) Good news is it is suppose to be in the upper 40s this week!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Playing with my new point & shoot Nikon I got for xmas. I clearly have no idea how to use it yet. Tried some different post production to see if I can improve them. Amazing I can handle a $1500 camera but can't grasp a $150 one!

Here is the kids intro to Fruity Pebbles (sorry Papa). Thanks for direct advertising, Elliot told me that her and Bubba HAD to have it!

One more to throw in. Here are the kids watching Boomerang (greatest channel ever) and both playing on Iphones. If you ever get a strange text or see a strange status update from us, its probably Keaton or Elliot. Yes, they have posted to my facebook page before. Pretty soon they will be fixing out computers and working the blu-ray players for us!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Always in our bed...blankies and sippy cups.