Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Graphic Art

Today started out perfect. The sky was clear (which I think is the first time since May) and there was no rain in sight. So I called up my neighbor Leslie and invited her and her 4 kids to go to the pool for a day of fun in the sun! Leslie has boy/girl twins as well (Cameron & Chase) and has been such a blessing to us in these first months with the kids!

We headed first to spin class and worked up a good sweat before heading over to Gary & Martha's. We had a great time swimming and enjoying some Chik-fil-a for lunch. The babies swam, ate and then took a good 2 hour nap so we could play in the pool with the bigger kids. The Shewmaker kids are some good swimmers!

Caroline & Cameron enjoying the pool!

Keaton & Chandler

The Shewmaker clan
Caroline, Cameron, Chandler & Chase

Around 3pm we headed home for what I thought would be a normal, playful afternoon before we started our nightly routine. Boy was I wrong!

I had fed the kids and put them in their pack-n-play to play for a little bit while I unpacked from the day. They were having a great time; play well together and laughing from time to time as they so often do. However, there was more to there laughter than I knew. I was about to take some things upstairs and was going to grab the fingernail clippers (oh yeah, I was going to clip Keaton's nails...totally forgot til just now) and I suddenly noticed Miss Elliot had something all over her...her diaper, her legs, her stomach, her face. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that my precious angel can now take off her diaper...EVEN AFTER POOPING!

Yep, you got it...poop EVERYWHERE! On her, on the toys, on the pack-n-play and yes...on Keaton. They seemed to be having a blast with their first finger painting session but momma was a little grossed out (hence why there are no pics of this blessed event!). I grabbed Elliot and took her upstairs to clean her off. There was no hope except for a full fledged bath. So her and Keaton were done with baths tonight at 4:15! They were so confused when I got them out and let them go play some more. Let's just hope they hold up til bedtime!

Are girls just like this? Am I in for so much more? Please forewarn me!

Keaton is not without his episodes either however. Monday night around 10pm he began to cry. I so looked forward to being able to go in, pick up my baby boy and spend some quality time rocking him back to sleep. I leaned down to pick him up and then....YACK....all over me! Good news is he seemed to feel much better and never opened an eye. Fell right back to sleep in all his innocence, not ever even knowing what happened. So he went back to bed and I went to change clothes...OH, and did I mention that this was right after I had finally gotten to take a shower for the day?

So goes my blessed life....and I wouldn't trade it for anything!


Leslie said...

I have SOOO much to look forward to. :) Your twins are beautiful, I'm sure even covered in poop and spit-up.

Amanda's News said...

Stinkin' hilarious:) I can't believe she took her diaper off and got poop everywhere. Thomas has yet to do that but I'm just waiting for the day. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

aWare said...

That is classic! That will be a story for years to come! I do wish you had pictures!