Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Go Hogs Go!

Fall & more importantly FOOTBALL SEASON are right around the corner! We are gearing up here for Razorback football (controversies and all) and started teaching the kids cheers yesterday. They love the H-O-G-S spell out!

We got to go out last night for an adults only dinner with Todd & Kathy. It was fantastic and long overdue. Thanks guys for the great company! These are some pics in the kids new Razorback gear before we took them over to Nana & Papa G's house. (Yes, it is now impossible to get the to look at smile at the same time!) If you can't tell, Keaton's shirt says "BIG man on campus" and Sissy's says "Future Cheerleader".

Keaton practicing his new bad posture!


Tad and Michelle said...

They are starting to look much older. Can you believe you are at 9 months already? They are adorable as ever. So glad your check up went well. We are taking Peyton in tomorrow to have his left foot looked at. It is turning in significantly when he runs...which is all the time. We didn't see it last month at his 18 mo. check up so it means another trip back. Do you guys have any thoughts of trying Harding's Homecoming this year? We're hoping to and would love to see you guys. Glad you have Ryan back from China. Tell him hello.

Emily said...

They Are so cute! I hope yall are doing great. Oh I'm a blogger now. :) Love yall!

Holly said...

Cuties!!! Every time I come back home I have my girls "call the Hogs" with me as we cross the state line (it is tradition). They are precious!
Go Hogs!

Leslie said...

They look so big to me and cute as ever.
We are super excited for football season as well!

Sarah said...

I'm so glad ya'll are raising them right ;). They look so cute in their Hog gear!