Thursday, May 31, 2012

The only time I'll cheer for the Braves!

This year we ventured into another season of Tball.  Since someone has permanent dibs on the Cardinals we cross our fingers and pray every year not to be the Cubs...and this year we ended up the Braves.  Its amazing how far boys develop from 4yr-5yrs old!  The hitting is far superior to last year and the league definitely should be pushing this age into coach pitch.

We are so happy to have the BEST coach (Ryan aka Dad) & have some really great kids on the team this year.  Keaton is having a blast & will be sad to wrap this season up in the next week.

My computer has been having issues so it has been near impossible to download photos.  However, I was able to download some from the game last night.  Here's a peak:

 Wanting to high five momma!

The girls! 

Once again we were #3! 

Man I could just eat him up! 

HA!  Look at those cheeks!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Preschool Graduation

I can't believe my babies graduated from Preschool! It seems like just yesterday I dropped them off for the first time and tasted that sweet taste of momentary freedom! We started this preschool when the program started so we have been with these wonderful teachers for so long now they have become like family! I will never be able to share all the gratitude that I have for the wonderful teachers, the directors & & Grace Point church! Thank you for loving my children, getting them prepared for preschool & teaching them the love of Christ!

Here's some picks from the big event. One thing I didn't capture on film was the kids getting into an argument on stage because Keaton didn't want the yellow prayer bear and tried to get his sister to trade with him. When she would he decked her! Nice! Then while waiting on pictures we hear Keaton giggling, look up and he is on stage letting the floor vent blow his gown up. Wonder where he gets that??!!