Thursday, July 19, 2007

I've been tagged....

First of all, RYAN IS BACK HOME!!! We realized last night that this was his 10th trip to China...way too many! I will fill you all in the in morning on the adventures we encountered while he was gone and update you all on the kids Dr. visit today for their 9 mo. check-up! But first...

Thanks Tesney!

Here are my responses for First & Last:

First Memory:
Probably from church when I was in the Toddler class. I can remember they brought a bunny one Sunday and I loved it!

First Real Kiss: Jeremy Bishop

First Love: Jacob Gump...Kindergarten through 3rd grade!

First Concert:
Rick Springfield and Cory Hart ("I wear my sunglasses at night"!) I was in 6th grade and my uncle Geo took me and my cousins. I got to wear my pink Rick Springfield shirt to school the next day.

First Thought In The Morning: Please lay back down and go back to sleep...Just a little longer!

First Question You'll Ask In Heaven: Where's all my friends & family at?

First Thought When Hearing The Word "VACATION": Destin or Lake Ouachita

First Best Friend: Heather Mayberry

Last Food You Ate: Grilled Hot Dog & Pringles (healthy dinner I know)

Last CD You Purchased: People still buy CDs? I don't know because my husband has downloaded over 4500 songs on my IPOD. I don't think I ever have to buy a CD again!
Seriously, I have everything from 50 Cent "In Da Club" to The Razorback Marching Band.

Last Good Book You Read: Moo, Baa, LaLaLa by Sandra Boynton

Last Time You Cried: Looking over my kids crib the other night and realizing how far we have come and how merciful are Great God is!

Last "I Love You" Said: Just now as I was kissing my kids one more time while they sleep.

Last Funny Thing You Did: Dancing this morning as a family to Mickey's Clubhouse "Hot Diggity Dog" song! The kids loved it!

Last TV Show Watched: Scrubs is on while I type so I guess Scrubs.

Ok, don't feel like you have to do it but I would love to see responses from Amanda W., Leslie L., and Geo! Tag, you're it!


Geo said...

Welcome home Ryan-man!

Here's ya tag stuff..
Memory: Salt Creek bridge with my sisters. They told me it was called Kalamazoo and I believed them.

1st Kiss: Nancy

1st Love: Lynn

First Concert: Was supposed to be ZZ Top but the folks I was going to ride with were in a wreck coming to pick me up. So it was actually KISS! Surprised?! I wore my pink Rick Springfield shirt just the other day to work. HA!

1st thought in the morning: Be sure an put some pants on before you go to work.

First Question in Heaven: I heard Houston Nutt has a huge house up here somewhere. Y'all know where it is?

Vacation: Destin -- it runs in the family.

Last food: Some apple turnover dealy from Taco Bell. The kids bought it in. Probably picked it up out in the parking lot.

Last CD bought: I'm with you on this! Download those babies!

Last good book: Somehow I missed The Testment by John Grisham so I'm 3/4 finished. It's good!

Last time I cried: When I finished my Big Man Seafood Platter last week at the beach.

Last I love said: To each and every shrimp I ate last week.

Last funny thing you did: Sorry but you'd blackmail me if I told you so...

Last TV show: The Office.

Sandi said...

I'm assuming that's the same Jacob Gump that I knew from CAC? Dated Mona Haynes in high school? Funny.

I've enjoyed catching up on your blog!