Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And We're Off!

Well, we leave in T-minus 11 hours! We are so excited about finally getting a vacation...and the way my day has been I need one!!!

I always tell people raising twins is such a joy (and it is) and to me, since I don't know any different, it really doesn't seem that hard. Well that was before I tried to pack for a week at the beach with twins...HOLY COW! How can two little ones have twice as much stuff as two adults (one who is a serious metrosexual mind you)??? We were generous in giving them the big, China trips suitcase and their stuff still trickled over into our carry on size suite cases. Hopefully their suitcase will go down drastically in size for the trip how since we won't be lugging back so many diapers and swimmers.

That being said, it will all be worth it when we are having a blast at the beach. Rain or shine (please don't look at the forecast for Destin...or if you do, please drop to your knees and pray hard for us) we will have a blast and I can't wait to reunite with all my college best friends!

I will have more than a fair share of pics for you all when we get home. Wish us luck on the flight and pray that the airplane is like the car and will put the kids in their usual 540 comatose state!

Have a great week and Happy Labor Day!

Here are some pics from tonight and our nightly ritual of Popsicles in the bathtub...

Monday, August 27, 2007


The kiddos took their 1st trip to Branson this weekend. We were starting to realize that once it gets cool, the kids will have no fall or winter clothes! So, a trip to the outlet malls was a must. The kids did great and are such good little shoppers.

Here are some highlights from our weekend road trip!

Keaton hit his nose on the toy box if you are wondering. We have since switched it out for a curved laundry basket.

A good shot of Elliot's two toothers!
After the 1st outlet mall...
Perked right up once we got to Steak-N-Shake!
How did he get so filthy?

After a big lunch of grilled cheese, cheddar fries & chocolate shake!

Looks like Ryan & Papa G are ready for a nap as well!

I hope you can see this below but when we got home, all the kids at the end of our street had lined up their lawn chairs on the side walk and our neighbors had brought out a tv/dvd combo. The ice cream man had just came by and all the kids were lined up to watch a Saturday night feature. It was soooooo cute. I love our neighborhood!


Thursday, August 23, 2007


Yes...that is Elliot looking pitiful.

Yes...that is the monkey from Tuesday's post.

Yes...the same monkey in the room (affectionately known as the "Halford Room") at the Dr's office.

Dr. Cadle and I have a new pact...no child will come to the Dr. without checking both kids no matter what. It started yesterday after lunch. Keaton's antibiotics finally kicked in and he was feeling much better. Within the same hour, Elliot breaks down. When she woke up from her nap her fever was up to 101.6 and she was not herself. We got in to the Dr. today and found out that she does not have an ear infection but a virus that is going around that causes ulcers to form on the back of the throat.

Yes...a virus.

Yes...that means you can do nothing but alternate Tylenol & Motrin.

Yes...that means that Keaton will most likely get it since it is near impossible not to share spoons and slobber coated toys.

So, that is our week in a nut shell. I have officially been home all week with my children. We are getting out and going to Wal-Mart tomorrow and may just go down every single aisle just to enjoy the bliss of being out of the house!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Shannon & Michael-Adoption Process

We have some dear friends who are in the middle of the adoption process. I know several of you have gone through this yourselves and we all would ask for your prayers as the waiting game will be the hardest part. Here is their online profile that they just finished setting up.
Go to "Waiting Families". Click on the state of Arkansas when the map pops up and they should be the 1st couple listed. (They are the cute ones in blue!)

Please take a moment to take a look and say a special prayer that God will bring the child (or children) to Shannon & Michael quickly so they can get started in expanding their precious family.

I will be sure and keep you all posted along the way. I am encouraging Shannon to start a blog so as soon as she does I will be sure to post the link so you all can keep us with their journey as well. Until then, if you would like to leave a comment on this post, I will be sure that Shannon sees it...or you can always email me and I will forward it on to them.

Thank you all my prayer warriors for keeping them on your hearts and lifting them up to Him during this special and exciting time in their lives. Yall are the best!

Ear Infection-Numero Dos

Back at the Dr.'s office again yesterday and Keaton is struck with his second ear infection. Fortunately it is one ear only and Elliot is fine! We HAVE to get these ears cleared up before we fly to the beach next week.

Today he is a little better so hopefully by tomorrow the antibiotics will have really kicked in.

Here are some pics as he always seems to perk up at the Dr! (As you can see we were in a new room this time...MONKEYS) ps...Take graham crackers with you to the Dr. They work like a charm!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Adam & Bethany Update

Several of you have been asking about Adam & Bethany. They made it home fine and had a great trip with no weather issues!

Here are some links where you can check out pics from their honeymoon. Hopefully soon we will actually have some of the wedding for yall to see!

Check it out here and here.

Glad yall are back & safe. Conference call soon to catch us up...can't wait to hear about the waterfall hike...how cool!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

10 months and teething bites!

Keaton & Elliot officially turn the big 10 months today and Ryan and I have spent the day just saying over and over how we can't believe how fast this is all going by. I just hope one day it slows down but I know it won't.

Here are some 10 month milestones...
  • Elliot has two teeth (as seen below).
  • This isn't of her teeth but check out those eyelashes!

  • Last week the kids weighed in at 15.11 (Keaton) and 14.10 (Elliot). Being on real food they have gained almost a full pound in less than a month!

  • Both kids have taken two steps on their own.

  • Elliot has learned that when playing in Keaton's bed, she can reach the light switch and turn the lights off!

  • Elliot has decided to become a climber. We found her in one of the alcoves in the playroom today doing this...

    • Keaton got his first joke. Seriously, I held this T-shirt up to him in the store and he started dying laughing. We just had to get it!
    • And today, Ryan taught Keaton to play the guitar.

    Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Share Photos - Free Video Hosting

    We have also been battling Keaton as he tries to cut his first teeth. The last few nights have been awful but tonight he was asleep by 8pm (the last few night have been pushing 10 and 11pm!) Thursday night was terrible and at 11:00 after giving him every teething drug, gel and toy known to man, I finally found what worked....a hot bath with Johnson Nighttime Bubble Bath and a Popsicle...AT THE SAME TIME!

    (Side note...if you haven't tried the Mighty Minis, you must get them. The are perfect for little ones!) Luckily that finally calmed him down enough to let me bounce him on the exercise ball and get him to relax. Once he did he crashed...only to awaken at 6 am. Any teething advice out there, please share! And if you know why the later kids go to be the earlier they wake up, please let me know as well.

    Here is Keaton happy as can be during the day!

    I am also wondering why my kids still get tired a couple of hours after they wake up. I read that they should have given up their morning nap already and gone to just a good long afternoon one. I wouldn't mind the two naps a day but they get SO fussy around 9am and that is right when we go to the gym and to church on Sundays. Today when we picked the up from Sunday school they were both screaming because they were so tired. I really don't want to have "those kids" who the teachers dread coming each week. They did get promoted to a bigger class today with some great teachers who I think they will love. Their room had a little kiddie ball pit so who can resist that. Hopefully next week will be better.

    We also went up this weekend and helped Nana set up her classroom. The kids LOVED being at school and playing in her class. Thank goodness for the pom-pom decorations that entertained them for a good hour.

    Keaton was not happy that I made him look away from the pompom to take a pic!

    Kids love laminated posters!

    Finally on Friday we had some of the neighbors over to celebrate our next door neighbor Brian's (39th) birthday. Yes, that is 39 candles on the cake and no our smoke detector somehow didn't go off!

    That's about it for this weekend recap. Thank goodness it is finally raining and cooling off a little bit! I have actually been chilly this afternoon and I think the weather said we could have some lows in the 60's this week...YAHOO!

    Oh...last thing...in case you were wondering, Adam & Bethany got out of Jamaica just fine! They got home late Friday night and Adam told Ryan that all the locals there were in denial and said they thought it would only rain. Good thing they got out of their when they did!

    Friday, August 17, 2007

    Happy Birthday Daddy!

    Today is my dad's birthday and we just wanted to let him know how much we love and appreciate him!

    Dad, thanks for always being there for me, not only growing up but now as a new mom looking for advice from time to time! You never missed any game or performance I had growing up and I will never forget that. I always looked for you in the stands and couldn't wait to get your big bear hug after half times! Thanks for always taking care of us and for all you have provided for me, Jim and now our individual families as well.

    It has been so fun seeing you evolve into a Papa and my kids just adore their Papa Curly. They loved the time in the floor with you this past weekend and can't wait to do it again! I can't wait to watch you help teach them all the things you taught me growing up. I can't wait til our first fishing trip all together and for you to teach them how to work on a car. They never know when that might come in handy!

    Just remember, work will eventually pass but you are stuck with us for forever! We can't wait for you to retire and wear us all out with you contagious enthusiasm and energy. Hopefully it will be one big non-stop camping trip (or Cardinal game).

    Happy Birthday and know that we all love you lots!

    Mel, Ryan, Keaton & Elliot

    Thursday, August 16, 2007

    Our New World...

    My wonderful, smart, talented, loving, hilarious husband has been promoted! Ryan has accepted a position as a Buyer 3 in Electronics. He will now be buying computers and laptops. No, he cannot get you an early deal on the cheap laptops the day after Thanksgiving! So we are moving from the world of toy vehicles to upscale electronics. I am sure the kids will be disappointed one day when they find out that their daddy was one step away from Santa Claus but hopefully this new position will allow him to grow in his career and maybe stay in the country a little more. (Rumor has it he will only have to go to China ONCE a year, in March! This might actually allow us to enjoy Christmas, New Years and July 4th from now on!)

    Baby, I am so proud of you and all you have become in your professional life. We have come a long way from those days of eating Pasta Roni and working at the Governor's Office huh? I hope this job is completely satisfying and exactly what you are hoping it to be.

    Congrats and know we love you!

    Mel, Alex P & EE

    Tuesday, August 14, 2007

    The Wedding

    Well...he did it. Adam finally got married and to someone we could not be happier about! Bethany, welcome to our crazy family. They kids are so excited that you are their legit Aunt B now!

    (Oh Yeah...and I chopped my hair off!)

    The fun stared with a Bachlorette shower on Thursday night. I hosted Bethany and her friends here at the house for a "Manicures and Martinis" party. It was a lot of fun and I think all the girls enjoyed being able to catch up with on another. Of course we forgot to take any pictures until right when everyone was about to leave. I will try to get the group photo from Bethany when she gets back to share with you all.

    Friday was the rehearsal and the dinner went well for Martha. She has been working hard on planning this event and it turned out great. Here are some pics from the rehearsal...

    Uncle Adam feeding Keaton his 1st gelato!

    ...he did not like me interrupting!

    Bethany and Adam were married this past Saturday on what was our hottest day of the year so far. At a brisk 102 degrees, the outdoor reception was toasty but the ceremony was absolutely beautiful. The Reverend Gary Halford (yes, Papa G) officiated and did a fantastic job. It made it so personal and beautiful and emotions (minus Bethany) were surprisingly kept under control.

    I am disappointed to report that I have few pictures of this blessed event. I didn't realize how much work wrangling two 9 months olds in starchy outfits would be! My kids were so hot and so ready to be back in just their diapers that they didn't make it through all but probably 5 minutes of the actually wedding. We enjoyed the festivities from the foyer where the kids crawled around on the tile floor and tore up programs.

    This is LITERALLY the only pic I have from the wedding...and this isn't even at the wedding. I grabbed Bethany and we took a quick picture at her sister's house afterwards as we switched out cars. Sad huh?

    Bethany was absolutely stunning and was so happy with how everything turned out. Now in Jamaica, I am sure she is not too worried about the little things that might not have gone according to plan.

    My mom came up to help out for the week and is still here with us. She is such a great help when she is here and the kids just LOVE their Grammy! We are considering just hiring her as our live in nanny!

    Hope to be back to being a better blogger (if I don't melt away). It was 104 here today and has hit the point of being too hot to take the kids to the pool. The water is so warm now it really doesn't cool you off any.

    Here are some pics from the last week...

    Elliot's 1st "ponytail"

    The kids new favorite activity...crawling on momma!

    Yes, that is the food network he is watching. Keaton has a new fascination (or infacuation) for Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa!

    It looks like he is hugging his sis but really he was pushing her out of the way to see the tv!

    Oh, and we are on the countdown to the beach. TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY!!! I can't wait!