Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last 1st day of Preschool

Well this was the kids last 1st day of preschool. I swear they were just in the 2 yr old class with Ms. Glenda and Ms. Gayla. Now we are in the oldest class and I just can't believe that my babies are the big kids now. Although trust me, Elliot reminds me everyday! This year they will have Ms. Chris. I think she is going to be a great teacher and will really help the kids be prepared for Kindergarten next year. She is more of a disciplinarian which I think will be good to get Keaton ready for structure and the routine of Kindergarten.

Here are a few shots as we headed out the door on the first day...

In backwards succession but here is a sweet pic after a few near take downs!

He DID NOT want sissy's arm around him, could you tell?
Elliot with her new Hello Kitty backpack
Keaton and his new cars backpack
I know they are only 4 (almost 5) but where is the time going???

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Don't want to forget this...

Was tucking Keaton in the other night and I said "I love you" and he gave me kisses. Then I said "You know you are my favorite little boy in the whole wide world don't you?" to which he said....


Where do they get these things???

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our New Love

Her name is Matilda. She has little hair, no teeth and a smile that would melt your heart. She is our new niece and we got to meet her this past weekend. We are so glad to have another niece and Keaton is still the reigning man on both sides of the family!


Here are some pics from this weekend. The kids adore her and are so ready for her to be able to go swimming with them.

LOVE these kids!!!

Trying to capture a grandkid picture is getting more difficult...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I thought we were raising them better than this....

Two stories for this week's memory book:

1. Go to pick up the kids on Wednesday and the kids greet me with "We both got on red today". Now I will say that's not a stretch for Keaton but Elliot is always on green. Well apparently not on the one day I send her to school in a dress. Apparently Keaton lifted up her dress during playtime to get the boys to all laugh. And then Elliot lifted up her dress because two of the boys in her class "asked me to"!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD??? Needless to say we have been back in pants/shorts for now.

2. Just when I thought we were down with poop stories...Elliot runs in the house tonight and says "Momma, can I wash my foot off? I have Keaton's poop in my toes."???? The Keaton walks in completely naked and tells me that he pooped in his pants. Come to find out (and a little in his defense he has had #3 all night long) he had to poop and didn't think he could make it so he goes under the slide at our neighborhood park and just poops right there in the mulch. Right in front of their friends and right in front of the dad of our new neighbors, who moved here from New Jersey, and already think we are a bunch of weirdos who just let our kids run all over the neighborhood barefoot. So I made the walk of shame to the park with a Walmart bag to go pick up poop like my son is a 3 month old puppy. (The look on that neighbors face was absolutely humiliating. I think we have scarred him for life!)

So I'm guessing Keaton figured out I am blogging again and wanted to give me some material. Please dear Lord don't make me break out the belts (i.e. duck tape) again!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Why can't I just write???

I'm sure no one will even be reading this as I am sure all of my followers have bailed by now. I just don't realize why it is so hard for me to just jump on here and type out a little something so I can remember this time in life. The kids are going to wonder what happened between 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 since Momma couldn't type a few sentences about our life :)

We are half way thru the kids 4th year and we are knee deep in baseball and gymnastics! Keaton has wanted to play since he was 18mos old and he LOVES it! He is definitely meant to play baseball. He loves to bat and is a really good fielder. We are hoping he will grow to love 2nd base like his momma, daddy, and uncle Jim.

E is now in gymnastics and is doing so well. They put her in an older class with girls who have taken since they were 2 and she is holding her own. Having to work on straight legs and arms a bit but that will come with time. She loves it and I hope will continue and compete one day.

Ryan just took a new job with Sam's leaving WMT after 10 yrs. I think he is going to thrive in the Sam's environment and can't wait to see how he grows now having a boss that actually cares and is connected with his people.

I'm still doing MK although have taken a little break for the past couple of weeks. It has really been nice just to be home with the family and not feel like I am constantly running around. I'm sure it will pick back up and I would love to be atleast in DIQ by seminar. I think I would love being a Director and doing more of the personal development side for my team rather than the selling side.

Well, should get to thinkin about dinner for the kids. Ryan and I have been doing Isagenix and it has completely changed our lives. We feel amazing and healthier than we have in many years! I finally feel like all the years of medicines and drugs from Fertility issues are finally coming out and I love that I can now go to the gym and work out hard and not feel like I am dying! Spinning is definitely still my love but I have found a new love for weights as well. We'll see.

Welp...someone is crying on the trampoline. Duty calls. But I am trying to commit to myself to use this as a journal and stick with it this time. We'll see.

BTW...if you did read this...I can't believe you still check my blog. Thanks for being a faithful friend and follower:)