Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall Fun

Here are some quick pics from the kids playing in the leaves last Thursday. I think you will love Elliot's evolution of a frown...

Our buddy Jake!

When you try to get 3 three yr olds to smile for you...

Mine & Ry's new favorite!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween...we made it (mostly)!

If your new to the blog you need to know that EVERY year something hits our family and threatens our trick-or-treating festivities. This year it was high fever and a virus. We ended up missing going to daddy's office and trick or treating which is always a highlight of Halloween day. But this year our fevers broke the morning of Halloween and by golly, we were NOT going to miss it. Our neighborhood really celebrates Halloween so we were not going to watch from the front door.

The kids ended up having a blast and so did the adults! After walking the neighborhood (where Keaton would just open people's doors and yell "trick or treat") we came back and had a fire in the firepit in our driveway. All the kids ended up in our house eating candy and watching the kids newest addiction...old school Pink Panther! LOVE IT! Next time I am home I am getting Elliot my pink pompom. (My high school's fight song was a sped up version of the theme from the Pink Panther)

Needless to say it ended up being a great Halloween and the kids actually went to bed decently even though they had dined on candy since about 3pm! Here are some pics (in reverse order) of our day. Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween as well!

Ready to go with the neighbors!

We went by Memaw & Carl's before heading out. Of course they ended up on the golf cart!

"Surprising" Nena and Papa.

Finally a cute family pic and the kids won't cooperate!
Our AWESOME teachers Ms. Martha & Ms. Loren
Our Ms. Bickie...she's the best!

*We had every intention of going as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell but I found $4 costumes so we ended up having a lion and ladybug. Stay tuned for coordinating outfits next year (unless I find a deal)!