Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Oh no...our 1st swat.

It was bound to happen. The only question was what would Elliot do to deserve the 1st swat? Well, tonight she answered that for us. Since she is now pulling up, she has discovered that she can now do this in the bathtub. I started with the firm "NO,NO" to which she just laughed and continued on with her mission of endless pulling up. After doing this over and over and over and over....I decided it might be time for the first little tap on the bottom. She looked at me like, "what in the world was that and was that suppose to deter me?". Then I sat her back down and she just bowed her head, slapped her thighs in disgust (splashing her innocent brother in the face) and huffed at me. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT? After which, she proceeded to pull up again. She finally slipped and fell backward, not hurting her but scarring her a little, and after some comforting she smiles, laughs & pulls right back up.

Does anyone have that strong willed child book? I think we're going to need it, along with a box of highlighters.

Here is an example of the pulling up...I couldn't take it from the tub tonight since I am alone and feared for her life!

She also enjoyed my Supernanny impersonation as I told her that standing in the tub is "not acceptable"!

So what was Keaton doing during all of this you ask??? Let's just say my boy discovered his willy! And now he loves nothing more than the freedom of nakedness in the bathtub. No toy will deter him, no song or joke will distract him.

Does anyone have the Raising Boys book as well?

I am just waiting for the day when he discovers that he can pull up as well. We are in for a really circus then.

Question for all of you out there...Does anyone have any suggestions to make a tub not slick for tubs that have a textured floor? I cannot find anything that will stick to our tub to make it less slippery since it is textured. If you have anything that has worked for you, please shoot me a comment or email!

Well, back to life as a single mom...only 8 more days!!!! Got to enjoy my little bit of peace and quite while I can! Nighty-night!


Summer Dale said...

Hi. I found your blog through someone mutual from Harding (can't remember who), and I love checking up on those cute babies. Our youngest daughter is only a week older than your two so I can often compare what they are doing! It is great to catch up on you and Ryan as well!
As for a slick tub, our last one also had a textured bottom. What did work for us is one of those grandma style bathtub mats with the little suctions all over the bottom. If you haven't tried one of those, it might be worth the effort. They are cheap at Walmart. One word of caution is to pull them up and let them air out between baths. Otherwise, it is yuck under there after a while!
Please stay in touch. We aren't blog savvy yet, but we keep a caringbridge page because of our middle daughter.
Take care!,
Summer (Allison) Dale

Geo said...

Oh I'm laughing too hard!! Bless her little heart. Just think before long Keaton will set her up and she'll get the No No when it really wasn't her! It runs in the family!

Note to Melissa's Mom: Sherry are you reading this? Let's go have a latte and laugh ourselves silly over Melissa's post!

Enjoy those kiddos and all the trails that go with them because they will grow up a lot faster than you'll ever know! I just watched Em walking down the beach holding hands with her boyfriend. I wanted the shotgun right then and there but Terri patted me on the arm and told me no. HA!

aWare said...

Chad and I just got a really good laugh from that!