Thursday, May 31, 2007

Grandmurna Update

Grandmurna just came out of her surgery great! The Dr. said everything went very well and he expects a full recovery. She has to take it easy for the next week but she told my aunt Donna that she only heard him say for the next day. Stubborn as an ox that woman!

Thank you for all your prayers this morning for her. I know they helped comfort her anxieties going into the surgery.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Products, Pubic Bones & Peepee in the Tub!

Nice title huh?

1st: Product

If you don't have this product, you must get it....Woolite Oxy Clean

I am painting some chalkboards in the playroom for the kids (more on this later when I finish) and last night I dripped chalkboard paint (yes, BLACK paint) on our tan carpet! I ran and grabbed this, since we always have it on hand for pet accidents, and it got it out immediately! I am sold!

2nd: Pubic Bones....

Has anyone ever taken a spin class? I took my first one today and my pubic bones are about to fall off. I mean pain, pain, pain! I have such newfound respect for my uncle, who actually rode this past weekend 148 miles!!! How does he walk? If anyone wants to burn some calories, that is the way to go. Lord, give me strength to make it to class on Friday!

3rd: Peepeeing in the Tub!

For those of you that know our family, this is a little gingle that we sing when getting ready for bathtime (for the kids of course...I don't know that Ryan would enjoy me singing this to him as he gets into the tub!). Last night, after the kids dinner, their Bumbo seats were so filthy we decided to throw them in the tub with the kids. They were able to sit up and actually play with one another. They LOVED it! They were in there for almost 30 minutes laughing and giggling. It was the cutest thing ever and Ryan & I just stood back and watched them interact. Elliot LOVES her little brother and thinks he is so funny. She taught him last night that they can lean over and touch the water, splashing each other in the face. We'll see how long that last before someone starts crying. Anyway, one more plug for the Bumbo seats. Greatest thing for infants ever!

Here are some pics of their adventures in the tub last night. I wish I had sound to go along with it!

Quick Prayer Request:

Please say a prayer tomorrow morning for my Grandmurna who will be having a Cornea Transplant in the morning. She is pretty nervous about the procedure but we all know it is in His hands and He will bring her through this and bless her with the much improved vision that she needs. She is the matriarch of our family and we need her to have great eyesight, primarily so that she can keep making that roast and homeade rolls (sorry to be selfish but my whole family knows there is nothing better in this world!). We LOVE you GG! Thanks for your prayers! I will updated yall tomorrow on how it all goes.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

7 Month Update

The kids actually turned 7 months old this past weekend. I think Ryan is so ready for us to be able to stop referring to everything in months. When we referred to them in weeks it about drove him crazy!

The official weigh in today stands like this...

Keaton 14.0lbs

Elliot 13.0lbs

I guess they are going to constantly run exactly one pound apart! Funny how that keeps happening.

Milestones so far...
  • Rolling everywhere!

  • Starting to sit up on their own.

  • Started eating some real food...they LOVE biscuits & crackers (Matzos even...keepin' it real!) Mom & Jim, it may not be too long before they are playing communion.

  • KG is trying to take some steps while you hold his arms. He may walk and just skip the crawling all together!

  • Sleeping like their momma does....(yes, I actually sleep this way at times and have since I was their age!)

  • words yet but Elliot almost sounded like she said momma today and Keaton is close to saying bye-bye. Elliot also sounds like she says "Hi" to people but who knows.

  • Keaton drank from a sippy cup today all on his own! This is his bottle but we put the sippy cup handles on there so he would know what to do with his cup when we tried to switch him over. Guess it worked! (Thanks for the idea Jenn!)

  • Elliot can hold her bottle but loves for momma to do it for her.

  • Trying to wave, or altleast staring at you really hard when you try to get them to do it too.

  • Throwing toys...Keaton is trying to pitch with his left hand! We are working on it really hard. Major Leagues baby!

  • Jumping to the point of whip lash! Keaton has mastered the spinning around but Elliot still is jumping herself silly (or asleep I should say).

So question of the day....when do kids start pitchin' fits? I think Keaton has discovered that he can. Everyone always tells us, " Your kids are so good!"....well, for those of you who don't believe my kids ever cry, here is just a taste of supper tonight:

He has learned the he can throw himself backwards in his bumbo seat while sister can spit out her cereal and carrots at you! I think I would rather take the screaming over being covered in masticated oatmeal & carrots...YUCK!!!!

Congrats Tina on your second baby girl! We can't wait to meet her!

Also, many of you have gone to Suzanne's blog from here. If you haven't, I would encourage you to do so and please keep her, Joe & the babies in your prayers!

One more prayer request, keep my cousin Linsey in your prayers as she is dilated to a 2! Come on baby Liam and meet your cousins!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Weekend in Memphis

So we are back from a long weekend in Memphis...

Our friends Sarah & Michael got married Saturday at the Junior League House in Memphis. Sarah, you looked amazing! Congratulations!!! (see pics below...)

This was our first real road trip with the kids (other than the 3 1/2 hrs it takes to go to my parents). Memphis is about 5 hours for us and the kids did awesome! They mostly slept the entire way which was great and let me get a little nap in as well. We stopped in Conway to meet Mom and have lunch with her. She was so excited to see the kids and they were just as excited to see her! I can't wait to go home in a few weeks and see everyone again! The wedding made me miss my cousins baby shower. Linny, I hope you had a great shower and that Mr. Liam got lots of great things. We can't wait to meet the little guy!

Allea spent the weekend home alone (our neighbors let her out and played with her during the day)so I am sure this is how she spent her weekend...

We realized on the way there that this was the first time for us to be back in Memphis in about 3 years. Now for those of you who went to Harding, you know that Memphis becomes your second home when there is nothing to do in S-town. My how things have changed though. Instead of hitting Beale St until late into the night, we were putting kids to bed and staying up talking about the good 'ol days!

We were so excited that we were getting to stay with our great friends Jennifer & Nathan Walters. Nathan & Ryan were college roommates and we were all in each other's weddings. The kids were so excited to finally meet their new friend Kisor. I think Elliot already has a crush! We can't wait for Jenn, Nathan & Kisor to come up in the fall for a Razorback game. We are going to introduce Kisor to tailgating, pre-game football & calling the Hogs! Can't wait!

Sunday, we were able to go to Highland and see lots of Harding friends. It was so great to see Amy & Therm and all their kiddos. Griffin is such a little man now and the girls are just beautiful. I can't believe we both have twins! We can't wait to hang out longer at the beach during Labor Day. (All my college friends, spouses & kids are going to the beach for Labor Day....between all of us there will be 16 kids....YIKES!)

After a great lunch outside at Bronte's, we headed home. Again, the kids somehow slept most of the way. It was great and we are so blessed to have such go with the flow kids. I think they are happier when they are on the go then when they are home! Playing with Kisor all weekend wore them out and they can't wait to do it again soon!

Here are pics from the weddding...

With Scott & Cheryl at reception....

Elliot's new friend...Deanne was singing her songs!

Cayden dumping all

her flowers out....

Our beautiful goddaughter... Smelling the flowers....

Prewedding photos...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Tae Tae

Man, does time fly? My beautiful niece Trae turned 9 yesterday! (Our computer was down as we are turning our bonus room into the playroom...more to come on that later.) Today's blog is for her...

Happy Bday Tae Tae! I cannot believe that you are already 9 years old. I can remember Papa and I driving all the way to Florida when we heard it was time for you to be born. I have never seen Papa drive so fast! When we got to the hospital, we waited outside the room for you to come and all of the sudden we heard this precious screaming. What a set of lungs you had! Little did we know that day that that little voice would end up being one of the most joyful sounds for our family! You were just as gorgeous then as you are now.

You are so beautiful and talented. I am so proud of your gifts & passions. Your artistic ability is such a gift for everyone who sees your work. Your passion for horses is something that is a direct reflection of your mother in you. And your love of singing and dancing is something that has entertained us all for the last nine years. (Yes, even before you were 1 you were bouncing to the rhythm of Bear In The Big Blue House in your bouncy seat!).

I am still so honored that you were in my wedding and that you shared the same dress as me on that special day. For an 18 month old to walk down that aisle all alone, wow....we were brave!

I know that these past few years have been tough on you. It is never easy to move from friends that you love so much. But hang in there. God always has a plan and always has the absolute best for you in mind. No matter what life is giving you right now, always pray to Him and tell Him how you are feeling. He will listen and will always make things better in the end.

So enjoy your birthday week and remember Grandmurna's long as it is the same month as your birthday, free dessert at any restaurant you go to!

I'll see you soon (less than a month)!!!
I love you baby girl!
Aunt Meme

Monday, May 14, 2007

A 1st & A 35th

My 1st Mother's Day could not have been more perfect! At times I thought this day would never come and now to be here blessed with not one but two precious and perfect children, I could not feel more loved by God.

After an awesome day at church, we headed home where Ryan cooked us (his parents came for lunch too) perfect steaks for lunch. Then it was off to Gary & Martha's for a day at the pool. I am SO thrilled to let you know that I have two little water babies! Keaton would actually fuss when you took him out of the pool. And PRAISE GOD my kids got some of the Cobb genes in them. They already have little tan lines! It is so cute. It is going to be a great summer hanging out at the pool.

THANK YOU NANA & PAPA G for putting in the pool. You will definitely be seeing your grandkids more this summer!

The kids got me a gift certificate for a day at the spa! I can't wait to take them up on that one. They are so good at knowing exactly what I like...(thanks Ry!).

Looking back on the last six months, I am so blessed to be a mom. God has loaned me the most beautiful angels He possibly could have sent me and I love them more every single day. Kids, you are my world and I love you so much. Thanks for making me complete!
And now for my mom who celebrated her 35th Mother's Day, I love you so much! Thank you for setting such a great example for me as a mother. I am so blessed beyond words to have had a mom like you. I just hope I can raise my kids in the same manner that you raised Jim & I. Thank you for the front porch swing for Mother's Day too! The kids love it and I have already found myself singing them Sunday school song out there just as you did with us so many years ago.

Thank you also for being such a wonderful Grammy to the kids. They love you tremendously and their faces just light up everytime they hear your voice. They can't wait to make lasting memories at the lake with you and Papa! Now, wipe those tears (because I know you are tearin' up) and enjoy this beautiful day! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!


I have always seen pictures of other people's kids asleep while playing or sitting at their high chairs. I never thought my kids would do this since they are always way too curious about everything. finally happened. After a good half hour of jumping in her exersaucer, Elliot crashed!