Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Business???

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day! I have 2 photo shoots this week and potentially a third!  (Guess I am open for business now>)  I will be sure and let you know how it goes, as these are my first real shoots! Until then, I will probably be in the depths of editing & cropping.

Just wanted to share a new fav photo! This girl loves her water!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Two Blogs in One Day

Crazy I know but I just had to share this.  They showed this video tonight at church right before we took communion.  AMAZING!  God is so cool sometimes.  He blows me away again and again and I hope He does that for you through this clip.  Enjoy and know that God is good!


is where we've been...all day...every day this week (excluding naptime)! I LOVE summer. I wish it could be like this year round. I am not even sure what the point of winter is other than so that whole "seasons of life" analogy will work out for the occasional funeral. See what I mean...funeral=winter, its just so depressing. Summer though is warm and happy and begs for us to spend our days outdoors among God's creation where He intended us to be! (hence why He created paradise as a garden...outside!)

Anyway, you get my point. I love being outside and I love when it is warm enough that being outside can include anything with water. I am a water lover. Guess it's a good thing my astrological sign is Cancer! My daughter is following right along in her momma's size 6 footsteps. Not only does the child have small feet, she LOVES outside and more so playing in water. Any type of water. We had a blast the other night just watering the flowers together. Keaton loves it too but he would rather play Johnny Daredevil and slide down the slide of the pool in any direction he can contort his body into. This kid is incredible. We just put together our swingset, which have ladders on both end and monkey bars that run along the top, and we found the kid hanging on the first rung of the monkey bar the other night. Yes, I got him down with no issue and he hung on til I got him down but still. Sheesh kid! Needless to say, we will be boarding up the ladders here soon!

Here are pics from some of out outdoor adventures!

The girl with the most popsicles always wins!

Our new addiction...homeade Gatorade popsicles...

Keaton stopping what he is doing to say..."Wisten...wha is it?"
A rare moment of sharing actually captured...
This is my little man's hair right now...doesn't it just rock you!Look at the way it glistens in the sunlight...
Adam & Bethany were in town last weekend for a wedding. Uncle Adam entertained us while sis danced to the rhythm of the beat...

Adam & Bethany off to the wedding...aren't they just the cutest?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Don't you dare...

...look at me like that Ms. "cute little workout outfit" lady with your perfectly put together children and your cart full of organic fruits & vegetables.  Sure my kids are dirty, smelly and look like they just came from the inner depths of the woods but you don't know me.  I know my precious little angel is pitching a fit that everyone from lawn & garden to the deli can hear.  I know that I just opened up a value bag of M&Ms before paying and loaded my kids full of chocolate right before dinner, but you know what...she's a little quieter now so you can get on to shopping with your clean, well-mannered little princesses and your over priced, organic, wholesome foods.  Why don't you just get back to shopping and quit staring at my no makeup self, my filthy kids and my cart full of cereal, pop tarts, frozen chicken formed into dinosaur shapes and not a green leafy vegetable to be found!

*Sorry blog friends....had to get that encounter off my chest.  I do feed my kids fruits & vegetables but melt downs in public call for the big guns!  And if you are reading this, lady that just stared a hole through me, please know I thought you and your girls were adorable and I am only jealous.  I am sure we could really be good friends!  

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blog With No Name

I was trying to figure out the perfect way to update you all on what all has happened this past weekend but all that kept coming to mind was one-liner blog titles.  So, without boring you with all the gory details, here are some snippets for you to draw your own conclusions...plus, I am so tired I don't have the brain energy to compose an eloquent blog entry for you.
  • So that was the inspiration for the Exorcist.
  • Everyone wants momma!
  • Who ordered the #3?
  • There can't be anything left in these kids; oh wait!
  • Flashbacks of Halloween.
  • Oh no, I can't get sick too.
  • I actually hate the smell of bleach right now!
  • Can our washer handle this much laundry in 48 hours?
  • Thank God its the weekend & Ryan's home!
  • Hello ER, its me...Keaton (again)!
  • Please, not an IV!
  • All I wanted was some fenegren!
  • Oh, so that is what it feels like to be thrown up on.
  • Oh, so that is what it feels like to be thrown up on by him too!
  • I actually can handle #3 if this puking would just stop!
  • Should I have breastfed them until they were 2?
  • Where is all this illness coming from?
  • Why does it have to be gorgeous outside?
  • Oooooo...that smell!
  • Can I be more tired?
  • Can we go to the beach already?!
  • Thank goodness for good friends & Mexican Chicken soup!
  • We should own stock in Gatorade.