Monday, July 9, 2007

Yea 4th of July.....Booooooo China!

Ryan is currently off to China for his bi-annual toy buying trip. He goes to China every year after the 4th of July and New Year's. It really makes me dread the holidays but we always try to make the most of them knowing what is about to come. The GREAT news is this is the shortest trip he has made and will only have to be there for 14 days! It's amazing how much he sounds homesick now that we have the kids! He is really missing them this time, especially because Keaton started crawling right after he left.

Swimming in their pool (they were pretty disappointed after being use to the big pool!)

Our 4th (on the 3rd) was great as always. We set the party up between our house and the Shewmaker's. I am not sure how many people were there but it was the biggest party yet! Our neighbor Andrew brought his big tractor out and set up a hayride for the kids. They loved it and it gave the parents some time to sit back and relax before the big firework display.

They guys really outdid themselves this year with the fireworks. They put us on a 45 minute show! Of course there was the traditional firework injury. One of the big ones tipped over (not sure how since they had them mounted on 2x4s) and aimed straight at all the guys. A couple of them got hit in the back, Brian's Tahoe got pummeled and of course...Ryan was the one with the best injury. Last year he almost lost his hearing and this year, he almost lost his eye! As you can see from this picture, a piece of smoldering shrapnel hit him right between the eyes! Luckily, he walked away with just a slight burn.

Trash from all the fireworks!
Here is what our kids were doing during the firework show!

On the 4th, we spent the day at the pool and then went to Emma's 3rd birthday party. The kids all had a blast but mine were so tired from the pool we only made it to about 7pm. We can't believe Emma Grace is already 3!

Elliot's new crush....Harry! (Check out his momma's blog here for more pics)
Emma blowing out her candles!

Ryan left the morning of the 5th and we headed to Benton for some family time. Unfortunately, Grammy got sick and my cousin Linsey ended up in the hospital with a terrible infection from breastfeeding. She is still there but is doing better. It just has to be so hard being the in hospital away from her new baby boy. I didn't get a picture of little Liam this trip but promise to next time. He is absolutely beautiful!

Here are the kids with their cousin Jullian (who is two months younger than they are)! Can't you tell Keaton was really into this photo op?

Jullian & Elliot learned they could see each other in the fireplace. This entertained them for minutes!

So that is what we have been up to. Hopefully we are home for a while! Upcoming we have Adam & Bethany's wedding, the beach for Labor day, our anniversary, the kids 1st birthday and then it's the holiday season. Where is this year going? Luckily we have a lot of fun things ahead of us in the upcoming months...especially going to the beach!


Julie said...

Your twins are adorable!! I found your site through Michelle's. It's so fun seeing what everyone is up to. (I knew Ryan at Harding) Julie (Hunter) Tanner

Geo said...

Hey, the beach is great right now... just got in! Water looked like a swimming pool yesterday! We wish you guys were here!

Oh there were 3 weddings on the beach Saturday evening!

aWare said...

That Jullian is hte biggest baby I have ever seen! Super cute pictures, Harry was stunned by Elliot's beauty!