Thursday, May 31, 2012

The only time I'll cheer for the Braves!

This year we ventured into another season of Tball.  Since someone has permanent dibs on the Cardinals we cross our fingers and pray every year not to be the Cubs...and this year we ended up the Braves.  Its amazing how far boys develop from 4yr-5yrs old!  The hitting is far superior to last year and the league definitely should be pushing this age into coach pitch.

We are so happy to have the BEST coach (Ryan aka Dad) & have some really great kids on the team this year.  Keaton is having a blast & will be sad to wrap this season up in the next week.

My computer has been having issues so it has been near impossible to download photos.  However, I was able to download some from the game last night.  Here's a peak:

 Wanting to high five momma!

The girls! 

Once again we were #3! 

Man I could just eat him up! 

HA!  Look at those cheeks!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Preschool Graduation

I can't believe my babies graduated from Preschool! It seems like just yesterday I dropped them off for the first time and tasted that sweet taste of momentary freedom! We started this preschool when the program started so we have been with these wonderful teachers for so long now they have become like family! I will never be able to share all the gratitude that I have for the wonderful teachers, the directors & & Grace Point church! Thank you for loving my children, getting them prepared for preschool & teaching them the love of Christ!

Here's some picks from the big event. One thing I didn't capture on film was the kids getting into an argument on stage because Keaton didn't want the yellow prayer bear and tried to get his sister to trade with him. When she would he decked her! Nice! Then while waiting on pictures we hear Keaton giggling, look up and he is on stage letting the floor vent blow his gown up. Wonder where he gets that??!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Testing this from my iPad and making sure my log is back since it disappeared for 24hrs. Guess I should look into printing my blog now after that slight heart attack! Anyone ever done that? Suggestions?

Also just to test posting a photo here we are from last weekend with the World series trophy!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Post from the iPhone???

Testing to see how to post from the iPhone. This could be dangerous:).

This pic is of my dad after he killed a turkey one year. Guess they use to print pics of great hunters back in the day!

May be seeing some more Disney pics if this works since my computer is down & has to be fixed before I can. post anymore!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Favorite from Disney

Still working on photos slowly but surely.  With a lens I wasn't use to and shooting in full blown sunlight, I am over analyzing the editing of all our pics I am sure.  Need to get over the fact that this was not a photo shoot and just post them already...i know i know!  

Here is my ABSOLUTE favorite series from the trip.  This CRACKS me up and will bring back so many memories of this season of life for years to come!  
Elliot trying to take his sword...

Daddy taking the sword so we can get a picture...

KG not a happy camper!

Can't you just hear the conversation there!   And yes, we were waiting for the parade, it was hot and of course, the Halford kids don't have shoes on...its how we roll!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Disney Sneak Peek

Here's one pic I'll post to tide you over til I can post the others!  So many precious pics of memories that will last us a lifetime!

Ryan's 35th Birthday

Been on a short hiatus to finish getting ready for and going to Disney last week.  I somehow accumulated 616 photos and several videos to go through and edit so I promise to post the best of the best when I get them all done!  Hopefully soon!

Right before we left was Ryan's birthday on the 2nd.  We went to this fun bar in a restaurant right by our house that most of the guys in these picture frequent!  Since they know the owner and bartender so well they let us throw Ryan a little after work party there that night.  We had SO much fun with all our dear friends and thank everyone for coming and celebrating with us!  

Here are some fun pics from that night!

Rodney, Michael, Ryan & Scott

Oh Tina Tina Tina!

The infamous Shane Coker

Our friendly neighborhood bartender Mike!

Tina, Me & Katie...LOVE these girls!

Megan & JT...Ryan's long lost sisters

The WMT/Sam's crew...Ian, Cindy, Tyler (in back), Cameron, & Laura

Johnny, Dana, Dean, Ryan, Ryan P & Chaney

Leslie with Ryan & Shane

Death by Chocolate cake from Rick's...unbelievable!!!

Who knows???  Is that Dr Dre behind yall?

Another birthday in the books.  I told Ryan as his dad so affectionately told me on my 35th..."well, you are closer now to 40 than you are to 30!"  

Happy birthday babe!  I can't wait to celebrate many more to come!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Christmas Cards

I LOVE Christmas cards!  I can't wait to check the mail during the month of December to find cards from friends and family all over the country.  It's such a thrill to see how much our friends kids have changed in just one year.  With such a love for cards you'd think I would be all over the idea of getting our's made and sent out.  However, this year it didn't happen.

With the craziness of the holidays, I just didn't get around to making cards this year.  The stress was building to come up with the perfect idea and the perfect card.  I was realizing I didn't have a picture that was card worthy that I hadn't already posted on Facebook.  FACEBOOK.  The single social media outlet that killed the Christmas card this year.  Not just for our family but for many of our friends as well.  Where we usually receive tons of cards, we probably didn't even get 20 total this year.  Strange...yes.  Sad...definitely!  I think Facebook may just kill off the Christmas card.

Our family xmas 2011
That said, we didn't get around to taking a family photo either.  When you take pictures you rarely get your picture taken.  I have gotten better over the past year or two to remember to actually get in the picture from time to time.  This drives my mother crazy as she is always wanting new family pictures of all of us!

So Christmas morning we all went to church together at my in-laws church and since we were all dressed up at the same time, we figured it was a good time to take some family pics.  So consider this our "Christmas card" for 2011.  I will say I did miss having actual cards this year so not to say we won't change our minds next year and send one out again.  That or I will make more of an effort to hand write letters & cards to people this year.  I am saddened to think that in our kids lifetime the mail may become a distant memory.  I hope to never lose the thrill of a handwritten card and hope to instill this in the kids with cards and letters throughout their lives.

Until then, here are some pics from Christmas day...

Adam, B & Matilda

Memaw with her Great-Grands

Nena & Papa

Precious baby Matilda

Her eyes are to die for!

My sweet baby boy

My precious baby girl