Thursday, January 14, 2010


So tonight after a long day of editing and getting orders in, I grabbed my camera and thought I wanted to snap some shots of the kids in the tub. Yes I know my kids are always naked or in the undies but I hadn't taken bathtime pics in a while. I was curious to see how they would play having a camera right there with them. Believe or not I somehow captured these two new favs! Man, these kids are cuties! I just love them to pieces! I cannot believe how big they are getting and I am really trying to capture these last years of babiness.

On the camera geek side, I used two different presets to capture these looks. It always amazes me how presets are different with every photo that you take. The first pic is a preset I have been wanting to use forever but it always made my pictures too green (ironically it is named 7-up). I never thought I would like it and then tried it tonight and walla....I love it! I love the post production side when I can take time and feel creative. Research online...I think you will be surprised what all great actions and presets you can find out there for FREE!

Now, on to the pics for today. I couldn't decide so you're getting two tonight!

ISO 640 28mm (I covet this lens...thx Allison for letting me play!) f/3.5 1/60sec

ISO 640 28mm (YUM!) f/4.0 1/60sec

*Note from yesterday's pic. I forgot to mention that to get that shot they put me on a lift 19ft in the air! It was crazy!!!


Jody and Janell said...

Yes, I am still awake and these pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Hate how fast they are growing up because I am just 6 mo. behind you.

cat said...

Adorable shots.

HT said...

Love the pics! I actually like the first one the most!! I wish I can sometimes slam on the brakes so they do not grow up so quickly!

Suzanne said...

FREAKING PRECIOUS!!!!!!!! oh mel, they are SO cute!