Wednesday, January 20, 2010

365/12, 13 & 14

Behind blogging photos but I have still been taking pictures everyday! Here are some for the 1st of this week.
A rare site in our house...clean floors! (the kids were in school)

Change of season...yes those are dead mums I have yet to cut back!

This is "the tree" for our neighborhood. In the summer at any given time there will be as many kids as those branches can hold. I love that our neighborhood has a climbing tree like we did growing up. (for Northside folks...the old Magnolia!)


cat said...

Nice ones! I love the clean floor one.

JANICE said...

Hey Melissa! This is Janice (used to be Wilson) Northen. You're right about the magnolia tree... It holds a special place in my heart (tear). I love seeing all your pics everyday. You're really talented.