Friday, January 8, 2010


We have been snowed in all week and woke up to wind chills of -15 this morning! If you know me at all you know I am a summer girl, 100%. So let's just say this entire week of no school, too cold to play outside AND husband out of town all week...I am a little stir crazy.

Here's my 365 pic for the day. This is my kids after they told me they "dressed themselves". So typical. Yes they are playing on an iphone (they can call people and even post things to my facebook at age 3) and they found my twin nursing boppie and turned it into their new "stools".

Here are a couple of shots from Monday when we got out and played a little bit before we froze. The kids are all about sledding this year. Can't wait til we can load up and hit the big hills!

So for all of you in the warm weather (ie....South Africa & Australian Friends :0) please don't let me know how you went to the beach and laid out unless you are planning to have visitors this weekend. Stay warm everyone!

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cat said...

Ok I will just stay quiet about the weather but I can sure sympathize - I am also totally a summer girl. The pictures are all great. So glad you are doing the 365 - because now I will see more of you on the blog.