Sunday, January 10, 2010


Playing with my new point & shoot Nikon I got for xmas. I clearly have no idea how to use it yet. Tried some different post production to see if I can improve them. Amazing I can handle a $1500 camera but can't grasp a $150 one!

Here is the kids intro to Fruity Pebbles (sorry Papa). Thanks for direct advertising, Elliot told me that her and Bubba HAD to have it!

One more to throw in. Here are the kids watching Boomerang (greatest channel ever) and both playing on Iphones. If you ever get a strange text or see a strange status update from us, its probably Keaton or Elliot. Yes, they have posted to my facebook page before. Pretty soon they will be fixing out computers and working the blu-ray players for us!


Little Miss Loren said...

hahaha man i guess martha and i are slackin on teaching them how to write!! we better get on that so they can FB!!

cat said...

That's kids for you - so far advance so early these days. So funny re. the camera, but I really think it is an art to do a good picture with a point and shoot as you are so limited.