Monday, January 25, 2010

365/17, 18 & 19

The kids sit on the end of our bed and watch cartoons every night. Keaton has been obsessed lately with his Batman shirt but had never actually watched Batman before. Well, we found it this night and they both were glued to the tv.
Then when the show losses their interest, they start tackling again.

Sunday was Papa's birthday so the kids helped me make a 3tier lemon cake from scratch!

This is the lemon filling that is to die for!

The finished product.
We also had his (and my) favorite...fried okra!

Keaton rediscovered his Cardinal hat today. How precious is he in a ballcap?

On just a blog note, I wanted to share my conversation with Elliot today
E: "Moooom, I was watching Sponge Bob downstairs."
M: "Does Momma like you watching Sponge Bob?"
E: "No, but Jesus said I could watch it!"

I am so in trouble with that one! I love her spunk but her mouth is going to get her in trouble. Wonder where she gets that?


Suzanne said...

LOVIN' these pictures, woman! you are truly gifted. and that convo with you and miss E just cracked me the HECK up! seriously...i'm pretty sure i just blew a tiny piece of snot out of the 'ole nostril. thanks for the laugh! hugs!

cat said...

LOL! Yeah, I wonder where she get's it! That cake looks so delicious - how about the recipe? My hubby likes any cake with lemon in.

Barbara Manatee said...

lol...great pics as always...but loved your conversation with Elliot! I can hear my daughter saying something like that someday!!