Thursday, January 21, 2010


So these were technically taken yesterday but I am sharing them as day 15! We had an impromptu photo shoot yesterday with the neighborhood kids. (What do you expect when you have two photographers in one cul-de-sac!) I also was getting to play with an 85mm lens. We have some dang cute kids around here! Of course today it was raining and freezing again. Hopefully we can get back out tomorrow. Come on Spring, hurry up!

This girl LOVES to swing!

The Elliot we all know and love.

Not sure what was going on here...

Chandler that hair! gorgeous!

Our beautiful Cameron

Keaton's twin

I know....CUTIE!

The boys...aka Keaton's idols!

Love this in b/w too!

My younger boyfriend. Grayer is the cutest thing ever!

Look at those curls!

The girls. So beautiful!

Watch for some of these popping up on my website possibly. I will also post them on facebook where they should look a little better. I hate how blogger distorts my pictures. Project #1025. Any other blog suggestions? Wordpress?


cat said...

Each and every one is beautiful.

Esther and Brian said...

I love the photos! The kids are all gorgeous and handsome!