Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I was approached yesterday to do two things I have never done since I began photographing for more than just fun. 1. Shoot a window display (with live models) and 2. Shoot a local hospital at night. Oh yeah, and both will be in a local magazine (Citiscapes) next month! Of course I said yes and then realized I am going to be winging it!

Luckily the store ad today went great. WOW it is so much different shooting a bunch of adults that hold still than a bunch of kids! After feeling pretty good about that shoot I realized...oh crap, I have never shot at night before. What am I going to do???

God blessed me with some bad lighting tonight and the shoot was postponed until tomorrow night. So after dinner I hopped in the car and drove around looking for something to shoot. I ended up at St. Stephen's and took this photo. Thankfully after I couldn't get my first lens to even fire, I switched to my 50mm and propped it up on the dash and ended up with not a horrible pic. Who knows what will happen tomorrow night since they will have Willow Creek lit up like the 4th of July. Hopefully I can post a pic for you in the next few nights.

I now own a tripod.

*I am added some photo geek stats above the picture tonight for those of you that are interested. I know I LOVE when others do this!

ISO 200 50mm f/10 1.0sec


cat said...

A great picture! And yes, we do need a tripod. You are going to do so well!

Martha Carolyn said...

How exciting that your work will be in a magazine! You'll have to bring me an extra issue if you can. :-)

aWare said...

WOO HOO! Too cool! I am learning the photo geek lingo too...so keep doing it!