Thursday, January 7, 2010


I know I have a lot of catching up to do on Holiday photos but I do have some news that will make many of you (family) happy. I heard from family, friends and near strangers when we went home for the holidays that I have slacked on my blog. I would say doing better would be a New Years resolution but I don't make resolutions.

HOWEVER, I have started a new project. If you are familiar with many photography lovers there is something that a lot of them have done called project 365. This is where you commit to taking photos everyday for an entire year. I am committing to doing this for the next 365 days. I am doing this to help me get more creative in my photography, help me work on some much needed skills and watch a year of my families life unfold before our very eyes. I can't wait to look back January 7th, 2011 and see what all has happened over the past 365 days. I hope you all will enjoy the journey with me! (And keep me accountable!)

So that being said, I wanted to post this picture for today. It is CRAZY cold here. Possible wind chill of -20 tonight. What is that? If I wanted that cold I would live in Minnesota (btw...I could NEVER live in Minnesota or anywhere north of KC). Hopefully our next move will be nothing but SOUTH!!! Only 5 months and 5 days until we leave for the beach.

This was a pic from my car at 5pm this evening. The sun wasn't even fully set yet. Ouch!

4255978916_dba3d413b0.jpg can follow my 365 journey on Flickr. I may add it to facebook as well and if you haven't seen I set up a facebook page for melissa halford PHOTOGRAPHY. Check it out and become a fan!

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cat said...

Gosh, that is the type of cold that I have no comprehension of. You are welcome to visit, as long as we can come over when winter sticks out it's head over here.