Thursday, August 23, 2007


Yes...that is Elliot looking pitiful.

Yes...that is the monkey from Tuesday's post.

Yes...the same monkey in the room (affectionately known as the "Halford Room") at the Dr's office.

Dr. Cadle and I have a new child will come to the Dr. without checking both kids no matter what. It started yesterday after lunch. Keaton's antibiotics finally kicked in and he was feeling much better. Within the same hour, Elliot breaks down. When she woke up from her nap her fever was up to 101.6 and she was not herself. We got in to the Dr. today and found out that she does not have an ear infection but a virus that is going around that causes ulcers to form on the back of the throat.

Yes...a virus.

Yes...that means you can do nothing but alternate Tylenol & Motrin.

Yes...that means that Keaton will most likely get it since it is near impossible not to share spoons and slobber coated toys.

So, that is our week in a nut shell. I have officially been home all week with my children. We are getting out and going to Wal-Mart tomorrow and may just go down every single aisle just to enjoy the bliss of being out of the house!


Geo said...

She's cute even when she's sick.

Holly said...

Bless your heart Melissa! I know what it is like when a virus spreads like wildfire in your house. Just wait to they go to school!!! Hope you make it out of the house soon. I love seeing all the pictures of your kids. They are precious! Also, who did Bethany marry? Is that your brother? Bethany is my sis-in-law Becky's friend. She was in Becky's wedding and my kids recognized her on your blog. Just wondering! Have a great weekend!