Sunday, August 19, 2007

10 months and teething bites!

Keaton & Elliot officially turn the big 10 months today and Ryan and I have spent the day just saying over and over how we can't believe how fast this is all going by. I just hope one day it slows down but I know it won't.

Here are some 10 month milestones...
  • Elliot has two teeth (as seen below).
  • This isn't of her teeth but check out those eyelashes!

  • Last week the kids weighed in at 15.11 (Keaton) and 14.10 (Elliot). Being on real food they have gained almost a full pound in less than a month!

  • Both kids have taken two steps on their own.

  • Elliot has learned that when playing in Keaton's bed, she can reach the light switch and turn the lights off!

  • Elliot has decided to become a climber. We found her in one of the alcoves in the playroom today doing this...

    • Keaton got his first joke. Seriously, I held this T-shirt up to him in the store and he started dying laughing. We just had to get it!
    • And today, Ryan taught Keaton to play the guitar.

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    We have also been battling Keaton as he tries to cut his first teeth. The last few nights have been awful but tonight he was asleep by 8pm (the last few night have been pushing 10 and 11pm!) Thursday night was terrible and at 11:00 after giving him every teething drug, gel and toy known to man, I finally found what worked....a hot bath with Johnson Nighttime Bubble Bath and a Popsicle...AT THE SAME TIME!

    (Side note...if you haven't tried the Mighty Minis, you must get them. The are perfect for little ones!) Luckily that finally calmed him down enough to let me bounce him on the exercise ball and get him to relax. Once he did he crashed...only to awaken at 6 am. Any teething advice out there, please share! And if you know why the later kids go to be the earlier they wake up, please let me know as well.

    Here is Keaton happy as can be during the day!

    I am also wondering why my kids still get tired a couple of hours after they wake up. I read that they should have given up their morning nap already and gone to just a good long afternoon one. I wouldn't mind the two naps a day but they get SO fussy around 9am and that is right when we go to the gym and to church on Sundays. Today when we picked the up from Sunday school they were both screaming because they were so tired. I really don't want to have "those kids" who the teachers dread coming each week. They did get promoted to a bigger class today with some great teachers who I think they will love. Their room had a little kiddie ball pit so who can resist that. Hopefully next week will be better.

    We also went up this weekend and helped Nana set up her classroom. The kids LOVED being at school and playing in her class. Thank goodness for the pom-pom decorations that entertained them for a good hour.

    Keaton was not happy that I made him look away from the pompom to take a pic!

    Kids love laminated posters!

    Finally on Friday we had some of the neighbors over to celebrate our next door neighbor Brian's (39th) birthday. Yes, that is 39 candles on the cake and no our smoke detector somehow didn't go off!

    That's about it for this weekend recap. Thank goodness it is finally raining and cooling off a little bit! I have actually been chilly this afternoon and I think the weather said we could have some lows in the 60's this week...YAHOO!

    Oh...last case you were wondering, Adam & Bethany got out of Jamaica just fine! They got home late Friday night and Adam told Ryan that all the locals there were in denial and said they thought it would only rain. Good thing they got out of their when they did!


    Leslie said...

    Sounds like a tough week. Wish I had some advice for you. We've had some major sleep issues this past weekend too. Can you imagine babysitting all 4 kids?!? Someday right.
    I love Keaton's Corn shirt!
    Way to go on the 1 lb weight gain.

    Amy Mc. said...

    I love the pictures. Teething is not fun. Layton got 8 teeth between 6 and 8 months and the only thing that made him feel better was being held. I would give him tylenol at night and it seemed to help. Did you try teething tablets? One of my friends swears by them. Layton also still takes a morning and afternoon nap. Our pedi told us that he will probably give the morning nap up in the next few months. I will have to try to the mightly minis before we leave.

    TDavis said... advice for teething. Clayton has the hardest time with teeth...bad diapers, lots of drool, gnawing on everything, and general fussiness. His naps are shorter and night sleep isn't as good when he's cutting teeth. UGH! Oh well, I can't complain since he's a great sleeper any other time.

    Just emailed you some restaurants. Hope y'all have a blast! Oh, and I love all the pics. And the new haircut...very, very cute on you. I think it's a great cut for you!

    Sarah said...

    I am so jealous of Elliot's eyelashes. So beautiful! Yeah, we'll all have to meet up at the Tapas place sometime. I had the red sangria, and it was great. They have white too. You will definitely deserve it after all this teething!