Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Wedding

Well...he did it. Adam finally got married and to someone we could not be happier about! Bethany, welcome to our crazy family. They kids are so excited that you are their legit Aunt B now!

(Oh Yeah...and I chopped my hair off!)

The fun stared with a Bachlorette shower on Thursday night. I hosted Bethany and her friends here at the house for a "Manicures and Martinis" party. It was a lot of fun and I think all the girls enjoyed being able to catch up with on another. Of course we forgot to take any pictures until right when everyone was about to leave. I will try to get the group photo from Bethany when she gets back to share with you all.

Friday was the rehearsal and the dinner went well for Martha. She has been working hard on planning this event and it turned out great. Here are some pics from the rehearsal...

Uncle Adam feeding Keaton his 1st gelato!

...he did not like me interrupting!

Bethany and Adam were married this past Saturday on what was our hottest day of the year so far. At a brisk 102 degrees, the outdoor reception was toasty but the ceremony was absolutely beautiful. The Reverend Gary Halford (yes, Papa G) officiated and did a fantastic job. It made it so personal and beautiful and emotions (minus Bethany) were surprisingly kept under control.

I am disappointed to report that I have few pictures of this blessed event. I didn't realize how much work wrangling two 9 months olds in starchy outfits would be! My kids were so hot and so ready to be back in just their diapers that they didn't make it through all but probably 5 minutes of the actually wedding. We enjoyed the festivities from the foyer where the kids crawled around on the tile floor and tore up programs.

This is LITERALLY the only pic I have from the wedding...and this isn't even at the wedding. I grabbed Bethany and we took a quick picture at her sister's house afterwards as we switched out cars. Sad huh?

Bethany was absolutely stunning and was so happy with how everything turned out. Now in Jamaica, I am sure she is not too worried about the little things that might not have gone according to plan.

My mom came up to help out for the week and is still here with us. She is such a great help when she is here and the kids just LOVE their Grammy! We are considering just hiring her as our live in nanny!

Hope to be back to being a better blogger (if I don't melt away). It was 104 here today and has hit the point of being too hot to take the kids to the pool. The water is so warm now it really doesn't cool you off any.

Here are some pics from the last week...

Elliot's 1st "ponytail"

The kids new favorite activity...crawling on momma!

Yes, that is the food network he is watching. Keaton has a new fascination (or infacuation) for Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa!

It looks like he is hugging his sis but really he was pushing her out of the way to see the tv!

Oh, and we are on the countdown to the beach. TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY!!! I can't wait!


Leslie said...

Your hair looks really good! Love Miss Elliot's hair as well.
The BEACH...not sure if we can be friends anymore. So stinkin hot here too!

Jamie Chitty said...

Can i please take your kids home with me?? They are the cutest things ever. When will i get to meet them?