Monday, August 6, 2007


Saturday morning, me and 7 other brave women did a 2 HOUR endurance spin class! The thought at first of spinning for more than my usual 45 minute class was mind blowing. Once we got in there and got going, it seemed to go by rather quickly. It was a quick paced class but at a lower resistance than a normal spin class. We tried to keep our heart rate's at about 75% the entire two hours....and I actually made it! I have never been an endurance type of girl. The thought of running to the end of my street makes me want to puke &/or pass out just thinking about it! I am one of those people that think the idea of running a marathon is not only crazy but shouldn't even be possible. So you can see this was a big accomplishment for me! I hope to do more of these as they come up in the future. The instructor even has done a 3 hour one before and said we all did so well we might do that next time. We'll steps for now.

(I was looking for a pic online to apply to spinning and this is what Google pulled back for me....seriously! I hope that I don't ever mean this kind of spinning!)

Well, the kids and I are off to find me a Nike watch that shows heart rate & calories burned (since I was about the only one without one of these on Saturday). Peer pressure I know but, good excuse to go shopping.

This weekend is the big wedding for Adam & Bethany. I will do my best to keep you all updated on the weekly happenings. Look for lots of pics coming soon later this week.

Until then...enjoy your blistering hot Monday!


Geo said...

Way to go on the spin class!!!

Amy Mc. said...

I am very impressed with the spin class. I can not believe that Adam is getting married. Be sure to post pictures of everything and tell them congratulations.

gracie said...

Congratulations on the spinning! That is so tough, but awesome excercise!!!

TDavis said...

How do you take spinning?! The one time I tried it my bottom hurt so bad I almost cried. I even had one of those gel seat thingies!

Amanda's News said...

Congrats on enduring spinning class for 2 hours. Our YMCA just now got bikes and sent out a schedule for spinning. I might give it a go! I gotta lose that baby weight.

Jody and Janell said...

That is AWESOME!!! You are great! I am still working on the "getting back in shape thing". It isn't exactly easy!
Your kids are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!