Monday, August 27, 2007


The kiddos took their 1st trip to Branson this weekend. We were starting to realize that once it gets cool, the kids will have no fall or winter clothes! So, a trip to the outlet malls was a must. The kids did great and are such good little shoppers.

Here are some highlights from our weekend road trip!

Keaton hit his nose on the toy box if you are wondering. We have since switched it out for a curved laundry basket.

A good shot of Elliot's two toothers!
After the 1st outlet mall...
Perked right up once we got to Steak-N-Shake!
How did he get so filthy?

After a big lunch of grilled cheese, cheddar fries & chocolate shake!

Looks like Ryan & Papa G are ready for a nap as well!

I hope you can see this below but when we got home, all the kids at the end of our street had lined up their lawn chairs on the side walk and our neighbors had brought out a tv/dvd combo. The ice cream man had just came by and all the kids were lined up to watch a Saturday night feature. It was soooooo cute. I love our neighborhood!


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