Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Shannon & Michael-Adoption Process

We have some dear friends who are in the middle of the adoption process. I know several of you have gone through this yourselves and we all would ask for your prayers as the waiting game will be the hardest part. Here is their online profile that they just finished setting up.
Go to "Waiting Families". Click on the state of Arkansas when the map pops up and they should be the 1st couple listed. (They are the cute ones in blue!)

Please take a moment to take a look and say a special prayer that God will bring the child (or children) to Shannon & Michael quickly so they can get started in expanding their precious family.

I will be sure and keep you all posted along the way. I am encouraging Shannon to start a blog so as soon as she does I will be sure to post the link so you all can keep us with their journey as well. Until then, if you would like to leave a comment on this post, I will be sure that Shannon sees it...or you can always email me and I will forward it on to them.

Thank you all my prayer warriors for keeping them on your hearts and lifting them up to Him during this special and exciting time in their lives. Yall are the best!

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Leslie said...

Michael and Shannon sound like a wonderful couple. I am so amazed at how people can remain so positive in the hardest situations life brings. I will add them to my prayer list.