Sunday, September 30, 2007


Little Miss Elliot's bot-bot is MUCH better! What finally worked??? A prescription of Diflucan and straight Neosporin. Although both kids are still having runny diapers from time to time, we are not having the painful diaper rash anymore...PRAISE HIM! Both kiddos are just on the verge of cutting both front teeth so we will probably have 4 new teeth by the end of the week...good times! Hopefully they will come through quickly and pain free...hahaha! I will try to get some pics but they barely let us feel them so I am not sure how we will get them to open up and smile for us.

We have started brushing their teeth at night during bedtime and they are doing very well with that. Good thing being that I have to go to the dentist on Thursday and their presence has been requested at my appointment. We will have to be sure and tell Dr. Becky about how well they are doing with the teeth brushing! Here are some pics from this weekend.

Elliot has learned and new tricks and Keaton has found a new place to watch cartoons (see below). Also, we took the kids to the park on Saturday and they LOVED it! Especially the big twisty slide that we took them down. Hopefully they will love parks and not climb to the top and get scared to go down. Didn't those kids always bug you growing up? Maybe its just me but go down the slide already! And does anyone watch "Jon & Kate Plus 8"? Is she really mean to poor Jon or is it just me? Poor guy, if 8 kids screaming isn't enough, Kate decides to yell at him to kill a fly...while he is trying to feed 8 kids by himself. Pick up a fly swatter and go to work lady!

Oh well, I digress. More updates this week on the tooth watch! Have a great Monday everyone.

Elliot's new friend...

I seriously found Keaton sitting like this Sunday morning before church watching cartoons!


Sarah said...

Yes we'll definitely have to have a sangria date. My email is scharriman(at)

Leslie said...

So glad to hear their bottoms are better. Now they hit you with more teeth! Just never stops does it?? Looks like you had a fun weekend. Hopefully it'll cool down here one of these days and we can do something fun outside.
You are right on about Jon and Kate. I snapped at Brian the other night and he called me Kate! Yikes!
Love the cute pics. Your sweeties were the topic of our play date the other day. Everyone is loving E&K.

Leslie said...

PLEASE share some a favorite recipe or two with me. You should post a few. I bet you are a fabulous cook.

Barbara Manatee said...

Keaton looks so comfy! Can you imagine 8 kids! wow! I'm surprised Jon and Kate don't fight more!