Thursday, September 20, 2007

11 months update...

Yes, I am a day late on this but that's what you get sometimes. Wednesdays are now hectic for us as we have my bible study on Wednesday mornings and our community group on Wednesday nights. I know that doesn't sound like much for most of you but trust me, when you throw two kids into the mix...its all work!

So yesterday the twins hit the 11 month mark and we simply cannot believe it. I know I always say that but truly, this year has flown by for us. Thank goodness it is this time this year and not last year as I was about to be blessed with "the rash" this time last year! I think we all remember that misery! But, we are not itching today and all is well at the Halford house.

Thought I would just update you all on some of the kids milestones. I honestly can't believe they aren't walking yet but every day they get more and more steady on their feet and brave so it shouldn't be long...stay tuned!

Let's start with Miss Elliot (we are trying to teach Keaton that ladies always go first):

  • Can call the HOGS...we are probably most proud of this accomplishment right now!

  • LOVES to sing and dance. Seems to most like the Razorback fight song, worship music and Fergalicious (nice combo huh?)

  • Can say "mama", "dada", and what we think is "bubba". She is also making lots of consonant sounds and pretty much has her vowel sounds down. When she is really concentrating on something she says..."Ohhhhh, Ohhhh"

  • Can take a few steps if she tries!

  • Stands on her own. She can also do this while shaking a toy or again, calling those HOGS.

  • LOVES anything blueberry (right now their favorite is nutrigrain blueberry waffles by Eggo), cheese, cheese & more cheese, noodles, french fries, any fruit, little green peas, carrots, gnocchi (yes, they had this the other night and LOVED it!), cheerios, puffs, yogurt, graham crackers and of course ice cream and popsicles.

  • Loves to laugh at her brother...she thinks he is hilarious when he tries to take things from her. Hopefully she will always find this act humorous!

  • Has started blowing on our arms and legs to make (sorry mom...) fart noises! She thinks she is so funny doing this!

And for Keaton...

  • Pulling up and starting to let go.

  • Has taken a step but doesn't seem that interested right now.

  • Still LOVES to watch sports. I honestly think he is glad that it is football season again!

  • LOVES to sing and dance as well. Mostly like the Razorback band CD, the song "Two Little Dinkie Birds" and digs him some Kanye!

  • LOVES LOVES LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

  • Starting to realize he can pull out Elliot's bows and barrettes.

  • Loves all the same foods as Elliot but seems to like yogurt a little more. Also, they love fried okra and sweet tea!

  • Can play alone so well and seems to love going to bible class.

  • Can still melt his momma's heart with his sweet smile.

  • Loves to jump in his bed to make sissy laugh and has continually turns off the fan. Guess he's cold?

Well that is about it. I don't have updated weights as our scale still doesn't weight them correctly. I guess they are still not heavy enough. We are probably going to be getting them new carseats for their birthday. If anyone has any favorite, forward facing carseats...please share! We are hoping that one day they will weigh 20lbs so we can turn them around. Maybe the will be close enough and the Dr. will let us next month! Momma would be so happy!

Here are some more shots from yesterdays photo op.


Barbara Manatee said...

So many fun things to look forward to! My two will be 10 mos this weekend. Your two are teeny ones, huh? Not mine! They have both long outgrown their baby carriers - certainly no trouble turning them around at a year.

Kim said...

LOVE reading about your twins! I giggled at the similarites between our sets. As for car seats... Jacob is forward facing and Rylan is still read facing. We got Britax MArathon seats and like them a lot.

It also cracks me up that they are already calling Hogs. My granny grew up in NAshville, AR and had me calling hogs at that age too! However, in these parts (Texas), calling hogs couold be considered fighting words!!! :)

Happy 11 month BD sweet babies!

Leslie said...

I have heard the Britax Marathon is a great car seat. Check out I think all of the Britax car seats are great. A bit pricey but should be using them for the next 4 years.
Your kiddos look like they are doing great! I love their sweet smiles. Are you having a big party for them?
Thanks for your sweet prayers! Have a great weekend!

Leslie said...

Should have read the previous post. Guess it's a good car seat.