Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pass on 3rd down???

This seems to be the biggest phrase thrown around these woods this week. If you aren't a HOG fan and didn't watch the game, you didn't miss much. Although parts were exciting,for a moment we thought a comeback was in our future, we were wrong and should have known that nothing has changed for the Hogs and road games.

Congrats Tesney, Clayton & Wendy! Yall got us back this year. Next year, back to our house!

Pregame with our Papa Curly!

Keaton in his new D-Mac jersey...

Elliot in her cheerleader outfit...

We had a great time getting back with the fam and watching the game. All the cousins new babies were there (we have had 6 born in the last year...within 6 months of each other). Here are some pics of the kids with their cousins! What a blast we have on our hands these upcoming holidays! I see some pushing and shoving ahead in future Easters with all those boys around. GGs gold money eggs will one day be the hunted prize once again!

Hope you football weekend had a better turn out than ours. Now that we are back home and hopefully somewhat settled for a couple of weeks, I should be a better blogger. I have several things I can't wait to share with you all about my fall bible study and a book I just finished (yes, a whole book I read in less than two weeks...it must have been dang good huh?).

See you all tomorrow for our 11 month update. Can you believe it?

This is how I found Keaton sleeping in his swing the other day, he turned and started watching tv in this postion as well. My little yogi!

Keaton's new way to get off of Grammy's fireplace...

Linny & I took Keaton & baby Liam for a walk...they both love to cover their heads with their matching blankets!

The oldest of the bunch...cousin Landon.

Preston pretending to be one of the babies...he actually fell asleep in the stroller!

Keaton loves sleeping with his Grammy...


TDavis said...

Houston Nutt=idiot. What was he thinking?! Do you think he'll be outta there after this season? McFadden is awesome...he's a machine. I must admit that Keaton looks pretty darn cute in that jersey and Elliot makes an adorable little cheerleader.

Leslie said...

Your adorable little razorback fans are looking more like toddlers! They are getting so big but still as cute as ever. Almost a year old...WOW! Sounds like you are enjoying your fall season. Still hot in big D.