Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Site meter/Stat Counter

I mentioned a couple of post ago about setting up a site meter. Although there is a thing out there called site meter, I actually use Stat Counter. Sorry, got the names a little confused. Not sure the difference but so far I have been happy with Stat Counter.

If you want to set one up for you blog, all you have to do is go to HERE and click on the register tab. It only takes a minute to set up an account and then you are off.

Once you get signed on, you can click on the graph icon to pull up your real-time stats and visitor reports. This will show you not only a map of where people are checking you out from, but it will also show if they are new/unique to your blog, if they are returning visitors, or if they came to you through someone else's blog. It is really neat, especially when you see you get a hit from somewhere really cool like Australia & Sweden! Come on my Italian/Swiss/ British friends...where you at?

Anyway, thank you Emily for reminding me that I never posted how to set this up! Hope this helps yall out there that want to get started checking out your stats. Enjoy and let us know where all you are getting hits from!


Geo said...

Emmy is a monkey butt!!

Kristen said...

This blog thing is such a fun way to reconnect with people! I have looked at yours a couple of times, but decided to stop stalking and finally comment. I have loved reading about your cute twins.

Never A Dull Moment!! said...

Hey Mellie Bellie I just checked a very old email account and found your link. You will have to check out our blog ballardsinlr. It has been so long since we have seen you guys. Sounds like your busy! What a blessing. My kids are so big now seeing yours makes me feel very nostalgic for those days. They are hard but they go so fast and then they are in 1st grade. Aargh! It just doesn't seem too long ago that you and Ryan were Claire's first babysitters! I am glad to see you doing good. Come to LR sometime we would love to see you!

Jill Ballard

TeamRiss said...

Many thanks for the instructions- I'm pretty excited about setting this up! emily :)

Leslie said...

Got mine going...I checked it all day. Pretty crazy there are that many hits. Under Pressure!

Sarah said...

Melissa, you have got me hooked now :)