Monday, October 1, 2007

You must see this!

I was recently sent a video clip from the following website. This is truly amazing and could have such great power to save the lives of so many children who do not know how to swim.

Or it might be here...either way, these all go together.

I know I checked and there is not anyone in Arkansas but for all my friends in Dallas, I think there were several people certified to teach this! Yall should really check into it. I would love to get my kids hooked up with this so that they can learn to float on their backs. From our experience this summer, our kids DO NOT like swimming on their backs so hopefully we can help them overcome that.

Let me know if any of yall have heard of this or have even used it. I would love to hear some more testimonies of this amazing service.

Thanks Waynell for sending me this! I hope to be able to use it with my kids.


JulesR said...

Hey Melissa! I found your blog recently and have enjoyed reading about you and your beautiful kids. We have been living in the Orlando area for almost 6 years now, and I had to comment on this swimming technique. It is a huge deal here. Alyssa is 4 and learned the swim, float, swim technique right before she turned 2. It is amazing to see that your kid can save themself at such a young age. The test that they perform at the end of the course is with your kid fully clothed being dropped in all different positions in the pool. Every time the kid pulls up to float.

I definitely recommend it for your kids if you can find someone there who has the training. Alyssa still takes lessons to learn different swimming strokes, and she still turns over and floats when she gets tired. It is training that will benefit them even when they are older.

Sorry for the long comment, but I wanted to let you know our experience with it.

Julie Simmons Risinger

TDavis said...

I have heard of it...would love to get Clayton hooked up. We just got back from the beach (Seagrove...our fav! Thought about you guys) and I tried to teach Clayton to float on his back. He did o.k. for a while but didn't want to stay that way for long.

Side note...can we bemoan the suckiness of both of our teams this season together?! I'm so hacked. Oh, and we are already planning to come to Arkansas next year for the game so we've got to get together!!!

gracie said...

I used to teach this class! It is truly amazing! And I can tell you from experience, the longer you wait to get them into lessons the harder it is! I didn't take swimming lessons til I was 5 and I HATED it. I still remember crying and kicking and screaming and being deathly afraid. But once that snapped it was all ok and I went on to win multiple swimming championships...

Anyway, moral of the story! Definatly get ivolved in a program like this... you might even want to suggest it to the Walton Fitness center. I can give you a contact there if you want, just let me know!