Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Shower

As mentioned earlier, Bethany & Adam were in town this weekend for their church shower at Bentonville. It was so great having them home and the kids really enjoyed getting to see their Uncle Adam & Aunt Bethany! Here are some pics from their visit.

The kids gift...yes, they painted these with brushes!

Bethany opening their gift....

Keaton had had enough!
Loading the loot...

Adam trying to fit in the car!

Adam with his favorite niece & nephew!

The kids & I are about to head to Benton to see my family. My brother, Mandy, Trae & Tori are coming in late tonight for a visit! We are so excited about getting to catch up with them and the kids are excited to finally meet their Uncle Jim! I will try to blog at home but my parents computer only has dial-up.....YES....DIAL UP! It is sad but for some reason their neighborhood can't get on high speed. I vow to look into this issue while I am at home! So if their computer will allow me, I will try to update with some pics of our adventure to central Arkansas!

Here is a final series of pics for you all. I could hear the kids laughing to each other yesterday in the playroom and here is what I found... (I guess they are already learning compromise on their own!). Have a great week everyone!

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suzanne said...

great pics! super excited for adam and bethany!! loved the last two pics of the twins...i bet it is so great knowing that their best "toys" are each other! don't have to worry too much about "play dates" or socializing your babies!