Sunday, June 10, 2007


One of our greatest childhood sports heroes was actually at my in-laws house yesterday. We got to meet the great Ozzie Smith! He was in town for a golf tourney hosted by General Mills and Gary was his personal escort for the weekend. (Just to drive him around...not that kind of escort George!)

The family photo (Xmas card potential???)

The Halford men with The Legend...

Ryan & I were both blessed with great parents who took us to Cardinal games in St. Louis growing up. They not only instilled in us a love for the game but a love for the greatest team (well, maybe not this year) the St. Louis Cardinals! My parents use to take us on family vacations to see the Cardinals and to go to two or three games in one weekend. It is one of my favorite childhood memories. Oh how I loved the old Busch Stadium!

And by far my favorite player was the incomparable Ozzie.

I use to just wait on the edge of my seat for him to come out on the field and do his infamous back flip! Watching Ozzie, eating a good 'ol ballpark hot dog and nachos and enjoying a night at the ballpark with my family, life didn't get much better than that!

So you can see why yesterday was such a big deal in the lives of the Halfords! Papa have really outdone yourself with this one! Hopefully Uncle Oz, as the kids now call him, will be back next year and we can get a pic with the kids once again for our family album.

What a great day to be a Cardinal fan!

*Ryan & I were running some errands after the photo op and we swung by the Home Office on our way to the house. Ironically, the Anheuser-Bush Clydesdale horses were at the Saturday morning meeting and were parading down 8th street! How crazy is that?


Geo said...

Mah-lissa... Uncle Oz? The Clydesdales? Nice way to spend the afternoon!

TDavis said...

What a neat memory! Definitely think the family pic is Christmas card material.

Jody and Janell said...

How fun!!!! Everyone looks so great! You are doing a fabulous job. Keep up the amazing work. It's WILD isn't it????

suzanne said...

how cool is that?!! glad you guys had a great and memorable weekend!