Wednesday, June 6, 2007

We're in trouble now!

I think I have discovered how to post video now. Watch out!

Here is a quick clip from this morning. Keaton is in the walker, which he loves because he can continually stand up, and Elliot is doing her usual violently jumping in the exersaucer. I will try to get her crawling today to post for everyone to see. Fam, you will get to see it live next week....can't wait!!!

Ry, we miss you already! Won't this be great to have when you are in China?! We love you!

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Dallas said...

Adorable! I'm glad they are feeling better too!

suzanne said...

too cute! love the video!

Nana said...

These are tbe two most precious babies in the whole world. They absolutely are the grandtwins!!!!! I love you Mel for doing this. You are an awesome writer and I really love going on the web to see what they are doing, even though I see them a lot. You are truly a great mom and the twins are blessed that God gave them to you to love and nurture. You are doing a great job. The video was priceless. Maybe you can get footage of them in the pool.