Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Lots of 1st

We have been busy/ill around our house for way too long now! This is the first time that the kids have really been sick at the same time. They came down with a virus that caused them to have blisters down their throats and run really high fevers. Luckily, Keaton was back to himself today (oh yeah...and he had an ear infection on top of that too!) and HOPEFULLY Elliot will follow suit tomorrow. I guess I can say luckily they haven't both been bad at the same time but what would have only been two nights without sleep we are up to four now. Last night I was up every 45 minutes with Elliot until 3am and then she decides to get up at 5:30am for the day! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??? She must not have gotten the memo yet that says her momma does not do early mornings. Ryan & I are still in awe that we made it through those first few months of sleep deprivation.

Another first is that Miss Elliot is officially the first one to crawl. Yes at 7 months we are now mobile. She is everywhere now. I think I will be able to post a video soon but everytime I go to record her, she just wants to turn around and smile at the camara. She is teething something fierce right now as well so it is just a matter of days before we have our first tooth.

Here is a semi-pic of what her Papa G calls her trailer park smile. She has started to smile showing her gums and he says it looks like she should be on the 10 o' clock news talking about how she heard a noise that sounded like a train comin' in.

We are pretty sure that Keaton will be our first one to walk. He loves for you to hold his hands while he "runs" in place. Here is a pic to show you how he tries to walk in the exersaucer. And yes...he is that dark already! My little pool baby!

My last first for the day is that my sweet baby cousin Linsey and her husband Joe had their first baby today! Mr. Liam Joseph Hudson was born early this morning at 1:15am weighing in at 7lbs 2oz. I am DYING for pics so as soon as my family gets some, please email them out. I hated that I couldn't be there with the crowd that was in the waiting room but I will be there next week Linny! I can't wait to love on that sweet little boy.

Ryan is leaving early in the morning for LA so please say a prayer that the kids will be on their best behavior while daddy is gone. They get so excited when he comes home and the looks on their faces is priceless! We all miss him so much when he is gone. Have a great trip baby and hurry home soon!

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