Friday, June 29, 2007

Still Our Champ!

If you followed George's blog yesterday, you probably noticed a little after 2pm the updates stopped coming. Ryan & I figured that with all the excitement at ACH and then on to Memphis (where if you have driven from LR to Memphis you know that those truck stops most likely think that Wi-Fi is a fishing lure) that there wasn't any time or means to update the blog. So we kept checking back that in hopes of the arrival in Memphis they might have time to update the blog.

Then the phone rang around 9:30pm...

It was my mom calling to let me know that George was in the ER at ACH. Not what I was expecting to hear. It seems the dreaded Arkansas heat & humidity had taken over during to ride to LR. Thankfully, Geo did make it to ACH and was able to ride in for all the kids to see but from there, things began to take turn for the worse.

Here is a message this morning from Geo's blog, in his own words...

Sorry friends , to me it's a long awaited book but the last chapter is an aww crap!

We didn't make it to the river. In fact we didn't make it after the presentation at ACH. Yep, I'm disappointed but it's not a pity party. We did what we set out to do and that was raise awareness and funds for the kids who need hearing aids and Audiology services.

Here what happened:We made it ACH and if it weren't for the great team I had with me, I wouldn't have made it there. I will never be able to repay you for your kindness.

After the presentation I went over to the fitness center and sat for a little bit and thought if I took a cold shower that would kick start my system and make me feel like I was just starting. I was getting really zoned out. I spoke with my coach a moment and the plan was to shower, get an IV of fluids and then see how it played out. Many endurance folks go this route so I was willing to try it. Things seemed to be going down hill fast. The next thing I know I'm waking up in ACH ER, it's 10:30 and they've already pumped in 2 bags of fluids and started on the third. What I heard was something about muscle tissue breakdown, kidneys and heart rate high.

We finally walked in to the house after midnight and I hugged the girls and told them I loved them and went to bed. I woke a few moments ago and noticed it was daylight. I stood at my kitchen window admiring the beautiful spotted pink clouds and wondered what it looked like on the Mississippi River?

I do have some really good memories and I'll get you a play by play this afternoon but right now I need some sleep.

I am sure once Geo has rested, he will update his blog with some great stories and pics for all of us to see.

Until then, George, we are SO proud of you! Your efforts and determination to help out those kids is truly admirable. You made it in our eyes and the most important thing is Memphis or not, you still helped to raise a significant amount of funding for those kids and more importantly awareness of something that is so close to your heart. You are still our family's champ and we could not be more proud of you! Thanks for setting such a high standard and example for all of us to follow.

We love you! Melis, Ryan, KG & EE
ps...In your honor, I am off to spin class!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More on Geo....our family celeb!

Today's THV in Little Rock did a story last night on George and his upcoming ride. Check out this video clip that aired on the local news in LR.

Great job George! Can't wait to get back on board next year! Maybe an Ocean2Ocean ride?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Think I'll Go To Boston...

Well, we are FINALLY home for a while! After a week at home and a long weekend in Boston, I feel like an 80 year old woman with toddlers. I think the curse of the sinus infections didn't help in the middle of all our traveling but needless to say, we had a great time in Boston.

We headed out Thursday morning (yes, I actually got up at 3:45am!) and got into Boston around noonish. We met up with Kyle & Erin and had the afternoon to eat some lunch and then nap before Jason & Jessica made it in. *Note...if you ever go to eat at Whiskey's in Boston, you are only allowed to order wings at the bar. For some reason, they will not serve you wings in the restaurant part??? Does that make any sense?

That night we had dinner at a great restaurant called Sonsie's....great pizza....followed by a nightcap at an Irish pub that had traditional Irish music.

Apparently the local singers had all their friends there that new all the words to all their Irish jigs. We noticed from the window that there was a hot dog/pizza/sausage/steak sandwich stand that was hoppin' the whole time we were in there. When we decided to head back home, Ryan was curious about all the hype so we got steak sandwich that ended up being awesome! Expensive, but awesome!

Friday, we did the Fenway Park tour. Being the big baseball fans we are, this was a historic ballpark that was a must see on our list. Unfortunately, the Red Sox were in San Diego playing the Padres so we only got to do the tour with no game. The good news is, we will just have to go back sometime to take in a game. The park was awesome. I could not believe how small it was. You would think a park with an outfield nicknamed "The Green Monster" would be massive. The wall, yes, but the overall park, no. I loved all the history of the park and the dedicated fan base that reminded us a little bit of St. Louis. What a great baseball town!

Yes, it rained on us a little bit on the tour...

On our tour...

Such a cute pic of Kyle & Erin!
All the boys at Fenway...

Ryan at the Monster....

We lunched at a place called The Barking Crab...

Lunch was overrated (priced) but this was our view...

...but they did have awesome clam chowder!

... and ended with dinner at Cibo's in the North End. GREAT Italian food!!!!!! Their little stretch of Little Italy was quite impressive and made us long to go to Florence again soon! That night we ended back at The Green Dragon tavern and had a great time there. (Erin & I would highly recommend Sean's Happy Juice...fresh fruit infused Grey Goose!) Heading back to the hotel, we hit the lounge downstairs at the Sheraton and polished off some Wasabi trail mix. Yummy! Then off to bed. *Kyle, I will spare my readers your incriminating pics of the hotel lounge to protect your distinguished lawyer status. Erin, I will be emailing them to you for future blackmailing! Making fun of Kyle for always thumbs-uping the camera...
See what I mean...
Little Kyle loved that Wasabi mix!

Saturday, more sightseeing. We headed up to Cambridge and visited Harvard. I felt any bit of smarts I had suck right out just walking through there. It was summer school check in so we were all intimidated by the 17 year olds all checking in their first day of school who were most likely smarter than all of us combined! We walked around Harvard Yard & Harvard Square and then went to eat lunch at the famous Mr. Bartley's Burgers. A great little hole in the wall burger joint that has great burgers. Mine was the Yuppie Burger with bacon & boursin cheese. It was a good little experience, except for Jason whose burger ended up being a little too rare. We headed back from there, walking through a really cool park where the famous swan boats are. The guys headed back to the hotel for a little nap before dinner and the gals headed for much needed manis & pedis! Best decision we made!
A cool church at Harvard...

An entrance gate to Harvard Yard...

Our yummy, greasy burgers...

One of the swan boats...

Saturday night ended with a great night and meal at Tapeo, a quaint little tapas restaurant. My love of Sangria's was met to the highest expectation! After a nice long, slow dinner, we came upon Lir and stopped in before heading back. Once inside, we were the only ones upstairs. Within 30 minutes, that place was crazy. Ryan likes to think he drew in the crowds. Unfortunately, and possibly still tired from the night before, we were all pretty wiped out and by then it was almost midnight so we headed back to get some sleep before heading home on Sunday.

It was so great to come home and get those babies out of bed! They were fighting sleep so we got to come in and surprise them! If that is only half the look we will see for the next several years on Christmas morning...we are in for a treat! Nana & Papa G looked tired but seemed to have had a blast with the kids. They took them on a road trip to Springfield on Saturday and to their first church pot luck on Sunday. I will try to get some pics from Martha to show yall there adventures while away from momma & dada! Overall it was a great long weekend and we can't wait to our next adventure with Kyle & Erin. After conquering Chicago & Boston, we will have to think of somewhere challenging next!

Please take a moment this week to check out my uncle's blog. You can get to it by clicking on Geo's Bike Adventures . He is doing such a great work raising money for Arkansas Children's Hospital. He will be riding from Ft. Smith to Memphis this week in one day to raise money for the kids at ACH! He has lots of money raised but they can always use more! Please check out the past blogs on donation information if you would like to contribute. BTW the new hair!
Hopefully I will be back on track this week and can update more regularly! Thanks for checking back!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Off to Boston

Quick post to let you all know I should be somewhat back to normal with posting next week. We are now off to Boston for a little adults only trip with Kyle & Erin, Jason & Jessica (much more on this to come)! The kids are with Nana and Papa G and I am sure will be spoiled beyond belief by the time we get back Sunday night. This is our first big trip away from the kiddos and I miss them already! We can't wait til they are big enough to take cool trips with us!

Have a great week and weekend everyone! Mom & Dad, hug the girls & Mandy for us. Suzanne, I will try to check back via the hotel computers but good luck at your appointment tomorrow. Jim, we still miss you....MOVE HOME! Geo, ride, ride ride.

Gotta run to bed. We have to leave our house at 4:30 AM!!! For those of you that know me well, that will not be pleasant for me!

Talk to yall next week!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Back Home....barely!

Well, despite illness striking the Halfords, we had a great time at home last week! The kids LOVE their big cousins Trae & Tori and they loved getting to finally meet their uncle Jim (although Keaton is about to fall asleep in this pic!)

Jim, Mandy, Trae & Tori seem to be doing great and really like Fresno...but who wouldn't love living in a city that has In-N-Out burger! The girls are growing so fast and we were once again reminded of how much we wish we all lived closer together. One of these days! And all three gals (Mandy included) reminded us how much they missed Arkansas and wished they were back home. Hopefully when their job is done in Cali, they can head back this way and all the kids can have a chance to grow up together.

As mentioned in the beginning, we were stricken with something while we were at mom & dad's. I think it is sinus infections but it had been rough! One day I pretty much spent the whole day in bed. Thank you mom for stepping in with the were a life saver! We are taking the kids in to see the Dr. this morning to try to get this cleared up before Ryan & I head to Boston for a long weekend with friends (much more on that later)! The kids get to spend a long weekend with Nana & Papa G so I am sure there is lots of swimming in their near future!

Here are pics from our trip. I didn't take as many as I had intended as the first few days I didn't even feel like moving to pick up my camera. Pitiful, I know. But I did get a few good ones and I did catch the kids officially sitting up on their own for a significant amount of time. Luckily, mom & dad got to see it as they were playing with their Papa when they decided to accomplish this milestone! Elliot is still army crawling everywhere and Keaton is finally up on his hands & knees rocking back & forth. Won't be long now!

We're sitting!!!

Playing with Papa...

Playing our new piano...
Keaton & baby Abe playing patty cake...

Trae & Tori dancing for us before the wedding...

Me & My girls!

Keaton's greeting to Grammy (sorry Gram...I know this is gross but funny!)

Playing at Grandmurna & Grandy's house...

Our cousin Landon & his momma Britney...

Grammy reading to all her girls...

...she is in heaven!

This is Elliot's 1st portrait drawn by her cousin Trae! Can you believe this? Elliot was sitting in Mandy's lap and Trae just free-handed this! Remember...Trae is only nine. Baby girl, you are an amazing artist and Aunt Meme is SO proud of you!!!

ps...Back from the Dr. and Keaton (weighed 14lbs 13 oz) has a single ear infection & Elliot (weighed 14lbs) has a double ear infection. Fun times! We will ALL be napping this afternoon!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Shower

As mentioned earlier, Bethany & Adam were in town this weekend for their church shower at Bentonville. It was so great having them home and the kids really enjoyed getting to see their Uncle Adam & Aunt Bethany! Here are some pics from their visit.

The kids gift...yes, they painted these with brushes!

Bethany opening their gift....

Keaton had had enough!
Loading the loot...

Adam trying to fit in the car!

Adam with his favorite niece & nephew!

The kids & I are about to head to Benton to see my family. My brother, Mandy, Trae & Tori are coming in late tonight for a visit! We are so excited about getting to catch up with them and the kids are excited to finally meet their Uncle Jim! I will try to blog at home but my parents computer only has dial-up.....YES....DIAL UP! It is sad but for some reason their neighborhood can't get on high speed. I vow to look into this issue while I am at home! So if their computer will allow me, I will try to update with some pics of our adventure to central Arkansas!

Here is a final series of pics for you all. I could hear the kids laughing to each other yesterday in the playroom and here is what I found... (I guess they are already learning compromise on their own!). Have a great week everyone!