Monday, May 7, 2007

Weekend Visitors

What a great weekend! Our dear friends, Kyle & Erin, came up for a visit. They hadn't see the kids since they were a month old so you can imagine how excited they were to see them again. Erin is such a natural and will be such a great mom one day! It was great to have friends in town and just be able to relax and hang out. Friday night consisted of eating pizza and watching this week's episode of the office that we had DVR'd. (If you missed it, it was one of the best ones this season!...."hanging brain"...who thinks of these phrases?)

Here is some pics of Saturday. This was the kiddos first pool experience at Nana & Papa G's new pool. Since it was overcast, it was a little too cool to get all the way in the pool (for mom & dad atleast)! Then Saturday night, Ryan's parents watched the kids for us so we could watch the Derby and go out to dinner in Fayetteville. If you live in the area, you have to check out Theo's in Fayetteville....YUMMY!

KG's first time in the pool...LOVED it! much so he decided to sit!

Elliot wasn't so sure at first...
but then decided she loved it too!

I just loved this picture...this was right before she went hands first for the water.

You'll note that in all of Keaton's pics he is sucking his bottom lip like a 90 year old woman with her dentures out. I think we may have to start calling him Pearl if he keeps it up! We are in full on teething mode now!

Sunday we were blessed to have Erin and Kyle go to church with us. They seemed to enjoy it and it was great to not only have great friends here for the weekend but be able to worship with them as well. After some brunch at Copeland's, it was time for them to hit the road. We were sad to see them go and wish we all lived closer. The kids really enjoyed having their Uncle Kyle and Aunt Erin here to play with them.

Are anyone else's sinus' killing them? It is pretty sad when every morning the kids and I wake up not being able to breathe. It is suppose to rain all week so hopefully that will give us some relief.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Bonus pic...
Keaton in Daddy's shoes


Jamie Chitty said...

They are just so adorable. I can't get over how big they are already getting. It seems just like yesterday that you had them.

HarrimanFamily said...

Melissa, I'm so glad we found each other in the blogging world. Your twins are precious! Fellowship is such a great church. I'm so glad your friends were able to experience it.
Look forward to keeping up with you guys and we are always up for babysitting if you're headed to Fayetteville for a date night-Sarah

Tad and Michelle said...

Thanks for reaching out for us. I'm glad to have your blog and can see your precious twins. I can't get over how much they resemble both you and Ryan! They are adorable. I'd love to have a seems we are overwhelmed with trucks, farm stuff, and LOUD toys. I"m not sure that will change. Twins are so much fun and BUSY. I'll be checking back for updates. Hope you guys do the same. Tell Ryan hello.
Take Care,

suzanne said...

gosh, you guys are too cute! love your cute little fam...and so fun to see pics of the little ones experiencing the pool for the first time!..just precious! glad you had a good time with your friends!