Wednesday, May 23, 2007

7 Month Update

The kids actually turned 7 months old this past weekend. I think Ryan is so ready for us to be able to stop referring to everything in months. When we referred to them in weeks it about drove him crazy!

The official weigh in today stands like this...

Keaton 14.0lbs

Elliot 13.0lbs

I guess they are going to constantly run exactly one pound apart! Funny how that keeps happening.

Milestones so far...
  • Rolling everywhere!

  • Starting to sit up on their own.

  • Started eating some real food...they LOVE biscuits & crackers (Matzos even...keepin' it real!) Mom & Jim, it may not be too long before they are playing communion.

  • KG is trying to take some steps while you hold his arms. He may walk and just skip the crawling all together!

  • Sleeping like their momma does....(yes, I actually sleep this way at times and have since I was their age!)

  • words yet but Elliot almost sounded like she said momma today and Keaton is close to saying bye-bye. Elliot also sounds like she says "Hi" to people but who knows.

  • Keaton drank from a sippy cup today all on his own! This is his bottle but we put the sippy cup handles on there so he would know what to do with his cup when we tried to switch him over. Guess it worked! (Thanks for the idea Jenn!)

  • Elliot can hold her bottle but loves for momma to do it for her.

  • Trying to wave, or altleast staring at you really hard when you try to get them to do it too.

  • Throwing toys...Keaton is trying to pitch with his left hand! We are working on it really hard. Major Leagues baby!

  • Jumping to the point of whip lash! Keaton has mastered the spinning around but Elliot still is jumping herself silly (or asleep I should say).

So question of the day....when do kids start pitchin' fits? I think Keaton has discovered that he can. Everyone always tells us, " Your kids are so good!"....well, for those of you who don't believe my kids ever cry, here is just a taste of supper tonight:

He has learned the he can throw himself backwards in his bumbo seat while sister can spit out her cereal and carrots at you! I think I would rather take the screaming over being covered in masticated oatmeal & carrots...YUCK!!!!

Congrats Tina on your second baby girl! We can't wait to meet her!

Also, many of you have gone to Suzanne's blog from here. If you haven't, I would encourage you to do so and please keep her, Joe & the babies in your prayers!

One more prayer request, keep my cousin Linsey in your prayers as she is dilated to a 2! Come on baby Liam and meet your cousins!!!


TDavis said...

Your kids are such mini-me's of you and Ryan!!! It's like looking at a 2-foot-tall version of you guys! Great all look wonderful. I'm a little concerned about your kids calling hogs from your previous post. Bring them to Tuscaloosa for a game and we'll teach them some real cheers. :)

TDavis said...

Oh, I forgot...yes, we have reached the tantrum stage at our house as well. Clayton will pitch a fit when he can't have something he wants...I'm talking throw-his-whole-body-backwards, kicking, screaming, arm-flapping fit. We're in trouble...

Tad and Michelle said...

How adorable. I especially love the wedding pictures from the previous post. That's fun you met up with Nathan and Jennifer. I didn't know they had Kisor and I loved seeing his picture too. He's precious. I'm sure you all had a great time catching up. You're right how things change and instead of running around town at night you now have different plans. When you talk to them again tell them I said hello.

suzanne said...

you are so sweet! thanks for the prayers!!
and i was totally going to say the same thing as tdavis. an exact little replica of ryan and melissa! how adorable!! loved the pics!

Tina Bahn said...

I absolutely love checknig out your blog. The babies are so stinking adorable! Thanks for the shout out. We are so excited about Claire...and I think Taylor will enjoy having a little sister ;)

Geo said...

Show some photos with them pulling each others hair and screaming! I need some new photos for our ads! HA!