Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Tae Tae

Man, does time fly? My beautiful niece Trae turned 9 yesterday! (Our computer was down as we are turning our bonus room into the playroom...more to come on that later.) Today's blog is for her...

Happy Bday Tae Tae! I cannot believe that you are already 9 years old. I can remember Papa and I driving all the way to Florida when we heard it was time for you to be born. I have never seen Papa drive so fast! When we got to the hospital, we waited outside the room for you to come and all of the sudden we heard this precious screaming. What a set of lungs you had! Little did we know that day that that little voice would end up being one of the most joyful sounds for our family! You were just as gorgeous then as you are now.

You are so beautiful and talented. I am so proud of your gifts & passions. Your artistic ability is such a gift for everyone who sees your work. Your passion for horses is something that is a direct reflection of your mother in you. And your love of singing and dancing is something that has entertained us all for the last nine years. (Yes, even before you were 1 you were bouncing to the rhythm of Bear In The Big Blue House in your bouncy seat!).

I am still so honored that you were in my wedding and that you shared the same dress as me on that special day. For an 18 month old to walk down that aisle all alone, wow....we were brave!

I know that these past few years have been tough on you. It is never easy to move from friends that you love so much. But hang in there. God always has a plan and always has the absolute best for you in mind. No matter what life is giving you right now, always pray to Him and tell Him how you are feeling. He will listen and will always make things better in the end.

So enjoy your birthday week and remember Grandmurna's long as it is the same month as your birthday, free dessert at any restaurant you go to!

I'll see you soon (less than a month)!!!
I love you baby girl!
Aunt Meme

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Anonymous said...

Hey sister-in-law, you are the best. I can't wait to show Trae your sweet words. She thinks the world of you too, and so do I. We can't wait to see you next month. Give the babies a kiss for me.

Love You,