Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Products, Pubic Bones & Peepee in the Tub!

Nice title huh?

1st: Product

If you don't have this product, you must get it....Woolite Oxy Clean

I am painting some chalkboards in the playroom for the kids (more on this later when I finish) and last night I dripped chalkboard paint (yes, BLACK paint) on our tan carpet! I ran and grabbed this, since we always have it on hand for pet accidents, and it got it out immediately! I am sold!

2nd: Pubic Bones....

Has anyone ever taken a spin class? I took my first one today and my pubic bones are about to fall off. I mean pain, pain, pain! I have such newfound respect for my uncle, who actually rode this past weekend 148 miles!!! How does he walk? If anyone wants to burn some calories, that is the way to go. Lord, give me strength to make it to class on Friday!

3rd: Peepeeing in the Tub!

For those of you that know our family, this is a little gingle that we sing when getting ready for bathtime (for the kids of course...I don't know that Ryan would enjoy me singing this to him as he gets into the tub!). Last night, after the kids dinner, their Bumbo seats were so filthy we decided to throw them in the tub with the kids. They were able to sit up and actually play with one another. They LOVED it! They were in there for almost 30 minutes laughing and giggling. It was the cutest thing ever and Ryan & I just stood back and watched them interact. Elliot LOVES her little brother and thinks he is so funny. She taught him last night that they can lean over and touch the water, splashing each other in the face. We'll see how long that last before someone starts crying. Anyway, one more plug for the Bumbo seats. Greatest thing for infants ever!

Here are some pics of their adventures in the tub last night. I wish I had sound to go along with it!

Quick Prayer Request:

Please say a prayer tomorrow morning for my Grandmurna who will be having a Cornea Transplant in the morning. She is pretty nervous about the procedure but we all know it is in His hands and He will bring her through this and bless her with the much improved vision that she needs. She is the matriarch of our family and we need her to have great eyesight, primarily so that she can keep making that roast and homeade rolls (sorry to be selfish but my whole family knows there is nothing better in this world!). We LOVE you GG! Thanks for your prayers! I will updated yall tomorrow on how it all goes.


adam said...

Bethany and I can't wait to see you all next week!!

Geo said...

Is the song "Alice where are you going???" Awww Melissa, don't mess those kids up with that! HA!

suzanne said...

wow, so i am way behind...those pics in the tub are priceless! i'm deathly afraid of taking spinning classes because they look brutal. oxy clean is amazing- LOVE it. glad grandmurna is doing well!