Thursday, November 1, 2007

Seriously, I can't make this stuff up!

I am not creative or intelligent enough to make up this so brace yourself for our latest episode in the Halford house!

Yesterday started great! We went to bible study and the kids got their best report yet from their bible class. (Elliot even made a boyfriend I was informed named Asher). We came home, had a good lunch and then down for naps.

With about 30 minutes left in their naps, I thought I would try to catch a few zzzz's before our hectic afternoon and Halloween evening began...little did I know.

After only being asleep for 10 minutes, there was a knock on the door which sent Allea (our dog) into a ballistic frenzy. This wakes both kids up screaming bloody murder of course and cuts nap time short. (Never a good thing!)

I start to get Keaton dressed so we can head to the Home Office for some trick-or-treating at daddy's office. First thing...I get black face paint on my beige carpet. Keaton looks adorable but there is a big black spot on the carpet. UUUGGGHHH!

We pile in the car and head for daddy's work. All the sudden, I hear Keaton cough and look back in the mirror and see him projectile vomiting all over himself, his cute outfit and car seat. I have to pull over at a church and clean him up as best I could with wipes because we were not going to miss another event in the month of October! We get to work and the kids do great. I am glad we got to show them off to people at Ryan's office and let them see our precious Razorback fans.

Elliot calling the Hogs for people at Ryan's office. *No, I didn't not pose her legs this way, this is how she was sitting on her own. True cheerleader!

Head home to put Keaton outfit in the washer and grab a quick dinner before we head out for the night. After the kids eat, Elliot begins to cough and guessed it...projectile all over the kitchen followed by the living room a few minutes later. Since Keaton's outfit was in the dryer now, I have to throw Elliot's in the wash and try to get it dry before we head out. I should have just stopped there but I was determined for the kids to enjoy their 1st real Halloween. We get them dressed back up and head out in the wagon to walk along with the Shewmaker kids and watch them trick-or-treat.

We get up to our friend, Kyra & Jason's house, to see their new level of the Halloween experience. (Below are pics of the entrance they made. Once inside, you got to have a handmade pixie stick made for you. How cool are they?) We go around the crowd to say hi to Miss Kyra and Elliot starts up again. Poor thing was so empty the it was mostly the dry heaving. So her & I head home. Outfit wash #2 ensued and I put her in her Halloween pjs so that maybe we could rock out on the porch and pass out candy to the trick or treaters. A little bit later, Ryan came back with Keaton and we took them upstairs for bed.

After getting the kids down, I hop in the shower because I am sure that I inadvertently smell like puke by now. I get out and lay down because something is just not feeling right. I fall asleep around 9pm only to be woken in an hour with the sudden urge to run to the bathroom. You guessed it! Now I got it. A couple hours later...up hops Ryan running to the bathroom. A few hours after that, we are alternating trips to the bathroom and we try to tend to two screaming kids. Luckily, Keaton never got sick again but Elliot had one more go around at 4am.

Poor Ryan had to go in this morning for a bit but came home not too long after going in because we all still felt pretty crummy today. So today has been spent eating cracker & drinking Gatorade...luckily my kids LOVE gatorade! We just had some dinner and hopefully will all get to bed early tonight! Pray, pray, pray that the kids go down and we can all get a night of uninterrupted sleep.
Sorry to be so graphic but it is a Halloween story! All I can say is bring on November. Surely we will have better luck this month!
Happy Halloween everyone!


Barbara Manatee said... guys have had the worst luck lately! Hope you're all feeling better. K&E looked so cute in their costumes (while they lasted...)!

Leslie said...

OH MY GOODNESS! We need to write a comedic book about having multiples. Although I haven't experienced projectile vomiting yet....I know my day is coming. Hope everyone is ok. They both were so darn cute for Halloween...that's what counts anyway. Get well soon.

Jody and Janell said...

I am so sorry!! If any consolation, they are PRECIOUS!!!
Happy November!

Dallas said...

You really should write a book! Seriously. Think of all the good material you will have for years and years to come. You should have known that your life would be a sitcom when you married Ryan ;). Thanks for the advice about the colic tablets. I will be going to purchase some of those tonight! Your Razorbacks are must have helped the Hogs win this weekend!

Leslie said...

I am sorry about the vomiting. That is not fun at all. Especially when everyone gets it the same time. I hope you are doing better now. Your kids are precious.

Amy Mc. said...

You will look back on your Halloween and laugh one day. I am just now starting to find humor in Layton vomiting all over me on the plane a few months ago. It is not fun. I hope that you are all feeling better. The kids are very cute Razorbacks.

maria said...

Your post seriously cracked me up--my what a different life we now lead as mothers! I ditto everyone that you will look back on this Halloween and laugh. I just hope your sweet kids (and you and Ryan) are feeling better. Its no fun to be sick on the holidays! By the way, your kids look sooo cute in their costumes! They are so precious!

Suzanne said...

holy frickin cow!!! you have GOT to be kidding me! that was the absolute worst halloween EVER! i LOVE missy E's prissy little poses in her adorable razorback outfit! tooooooo cute! i miss reading your blog!! :(