Friday, November 30, 2007

Big Boy Haircut

Well, sorry folks...the mullet you came to know and love is officially gone! Keaton got his first big boy haircut yesterday and did pretty well. I really wasn't sad because we were cutting his baby hair...I was more relieved that my son won't be walking around looking like he should be carrying a pack of smokes at the state fair!


Here is the photo documentation of the event. I think their favorite part was checking themselves out in the mirror afterwards!

The 1st cut....not so sure about this.

Pulling out all the stops to keep him still!

Make this woman stop!
Keaton's real feelings come out!

Checking it out!


We also had to bid farewell to our friend The Saeva's tonight. This morning they left for Dallas and will be moving to London on Tuesday. (You can follow their adventures on Laura's blog to the right..."Saeva's in London") We hate to see them go but know this will be a great experience for them and will give us a rockin place to visit over the next two years!!! Good luck Saeva family and have some tea for us! We WILL see you soon! Love you guys!

PS....forgot to share with yall how I found my daughter the other day after her nap...This is her bed on the right. Yep, that is her blanket on the floor...Yep, that is her socks on the floor...Yep, that is her pants on the floor...YEP, THAT IS HER DIAPER ON THE FLOOR!!! Fortunately this time there was no poop but why does my daughter


Leslie said...

I love the story about Elliot. That would happen to me alot after naptime. I never knew what I would find. The big boy haircut is too cute.

Summer said...

Your comments about the smokes at the state fair made me laugh. The haircut looks great!
As for the diaper out of the bed, my 13-month old tosses everything out too(although we haven't had a diaper out yet!) I think girls must be busy bodies in their beds!
Summer (Allison) Dale

Leslie said...

Handsome is all I have to say. And I'm so glad you are preparing me for what is to come. Every time I change a really nasty one I think to myself how glad I am that it was in the diaper and not the wall, bed, hair, etc. Scary!

maria said...

Love the pics of Keaton's first haircut--I'm sure it brought a tear to your eye! I loved the pics of Eliot's 'stuff' on the floor too--I guess she was just trying to get comfortable. LOL! What a sweetie!

TDavis said...

I can't believe you haven't posted about the Arkansas win over LSU! I was rooting for the Hogs in Chili's at the Minneapolis airport like a true Razorback. You would've been proud.

Keaton's haircut looks cute!

Whitney said...

Love the new haircut! Keaton's a big boy now!

Tiffany said...

What a cutie little guy. The hair cut is adorable!!