Monday, November 19, 2007

Needed Update

I had a friend tell me last week that she was bored at work all week because I hadn't posted any updates. It is good to know that my crazy stories get some of you through your day as much as your morning cup of coffee! (and afternoon coffee for all you Java City junkies at Children's Hospital...GEO!)

Last week was full of snotty noses, 1 mystery virus/rash & 1 ear infection. I guess this will be our lives now until we hit the warm days of spring (although, it is going to be 75 here today). Keaton came down with an ear infection so we ended up at the Dr. on Tuesday. His official weigh in was 18lbs even. I swear, my kids are never going to hit that grace weight of 19 lbs. Maybe by Christmas?

This week will be filled with cleaning & cooking as we prepare to have 5 families over to our house for Thanksgiving. We decided that since Ryan couldn't travel away this year with his job that we would open our house to those that could not go home for Thanksgiving as well. I think it will be a lot of fun and very different than any Thanksgiving we have ever had. Much more on this to come as I hope to post pics of the prep and big day for you all. I am attempting to make my Memaw's dressing which has been in our family for generations so we will see how I do. Ryan is deep frying a turkey for the third year in a row. BTW...if you have never had deep fried is to die for! Hopefully I will be posting some pics of this and not pics of our charred front lawn!

So, off to clean for now and enjoy my morning cup(s) of coffee!


Amy Mc. said...

Cute pictures. I am sorry you all have been under the weather. My mouth started watering thinking about your Thanksgiving dinner. Eat some turkey for us.

Jody and Janell said...

I love the outfits from Gymboree. We have the same ones. So sorry your little ones have been attacked again with viruses!
Have a great Thanksgiving!!