Monday, November 12, 2007

Couple of Random Updates

First off, thank you all for your comments and sudden love for Allea. After a few days of calming down from "the incident", we have decided to recommit to her and try to stick it out. We'll see after the next challenging day but for now, she is still part of our family!

Here is a cute picture of the kids eating their snack in the cart at Hobby Lobby. Thought you'd enjoy!

We got to enjoy an adults only dinner Friday night! It was filled with too much laughter, great creole food and a night of not having to put the kids down as they have not enjoyed going to bed lately. Thanks TJ, Jill, Scott & Cheryl for the great time. Let's do it again sooner than later!

Our friend (Elliot's boyfriend) Harry got tubes Friday and did wonderful! Here is the cute pic Amanda that I took at our last life group. Put some clothes on that boy!
And here are a couple of pics of the kids before church last week. Keaton was not so hip about looking so fine I guess. They LOVE bible class and are born worship leaders. It is so fun watching them start to love the Lord at such a young age. I can't wait to watch that part of them grown and develop. As for now, they just LOVE and I am LOVE to dance to worship music. Watch out now!


Leslie said...

LOVE the pictures! The hobby lobby shot is too cute. I've been wondering what we're gonna do when they outgrow the snap n go. Now I know!
Yes we still have Sasha...I go back and forth. I just can't do it. Someday she might be gone but for now she's part of our crazy family too.

Whitney said...

I love the Hobby Lobby picture! I guess you don't realize how small those carts are until you put two kiddos in one! :)

Holly said...

Love keeping up with your family! Your children are precious! I can't even imagine how busy you stay with twins. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Summer Dale said...

I always enjoy seeing the cute pictures of your kids. The carts are so small at Hobby Lobby- I am impressed you got them both in there! My favorite pictures are the two last ones. Thanks for sharing!
Summer (Allison) Dale