Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Home for Allea

We are looking for a good home for our first child Allea (see pic above). She is a great dog but has had some jealousy issues since the kids arrived and we cannot deal much more with her jealous behaviors.

Ok, yes I have a story...yesterday, we got home from bible study and I put the kids in their playroom so I could get the milk ready for naptime. I go in to get the kids only to discover that Allea has pooped in their playroom while we were gone and...yep....wait for it...Keaton had eaten some of it! How many more poop stories can one mom have???

Anyway, we love our dog dearly and she has been a member of our family for 6 years now. I hate the thought of her not being around, as she has kept me so much company in the years past as Ryan traveled the globe. She is a great dog and super smart. We think she is a terrier/pug mix and has a high energy level. That being said, we just can't give her the activity time and attention that she is so desperately seeking.

So blog world, need your help! If anyone knows of a good home for our sweet baby Allea, please leave me a comment or email me the details. She is GREAT with kids and loves other dogs so she would be very compatible to a family with either or both.

Thanks for your help and we'll keep you all posted!


Leslie said...

I know how you feel. We can't decide what to do with our Sasha. It brings tears to my eyes when I think of getting rid of her but I just don't think she is the right dog for our family at this point in time. You are doing the right thing. Our dog gets zero attention and won't for a very long time. It isn't fair for them either. Good luck! Wish I could help with a home.

Jody and Janell said...

This totally hit home. If you had a chance to notice on my blog, I recently lost my first baby Jackson. We actually had to put him to sleep due to agression. We tried so many other options but he is was totally unadoptable. I held him while he was put down. IT BROKE MY HEART. I am NOT suggesting you do that. It WAS our ONLY option! He was with me through so many things... including infertility issues! He was my bed rest buddy. I will say a prayer for you guys!